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Caring for roses

Updated on April 7, 2013

Roses in my garden

This rose bush has given me masses of blooms for the last seven years.
This rose bush has given me masses of blooms for the last seven years.

A rose by any other name

Hybrid tea roses are common and widespread for their color variety and strength.
Hybrid tea roses are common and widespread for their color variety and strength.

Simple care for roses

Roses are a good investment for any gardener as they can live up to 15 years with proper care and attention. There are many varieties, sizes and colors to suit every garden, from miniatures in containers to climbing roses over arches. Despite what people believe roses are one of the easiest flowers to grow.

First you need to buy a rose bush and bring it home. Then choose a site in your garden that receives about 5 hours of sun per day.  Next soak the roots in a bucket of water for an hour or two. Then dig a hole.  The hole must be wide enough to take the roots when spread out and deep enough to come up the heel of the bush; where the main branch grows away from the roots. To make sure the bush is planted upright ask someone to hold it while you fill the hole up. You may want to add a handful of slow release granular fertilizer to the soil before replacing it back in the hole. Then firm the soil around the rose by treading it down. Water, and there you are a rose of your own.


Simple way to prune

Red red rose

My favourite rose in my garden, I wish I could remember it's name
My favourite rose in my garden, I wish I could remember it's name

Roses in my garden

My Iceberg rose bush
My Iceberg rose bush


Roses need pruning in the spring or the autumn, when the rose bush is dormant, and to do this successfully you must invest in a good quality pair ofsecateurs. A good pair will last you the entire life of the rose bush. Good pair secateurs will feel good in your hand. So take your time, feel for weight, and feel for grip. Most secateurs handles will be shaped with little divots for your fingers to go in, find the pair whose divots best fit your hand. When pruning a bush rose there are a few simple rules in the first year prune the bush down to 4-5 inches choosing outward facing buds. This doesn’t apply to climbing roses; they will only need dead wood removing in the first year. Choose a bud that is facing outwards. This bud will grow into a shoot, so you want one that's going to grow out, not into the centre of the plant. Cut at a slant, not straight across. By doing this any rain will run away from the bud, rather than drown it. Make a clean cut, about 1/4 inch above the bud. After the first year you will prune as before but also remove dead wood, suckers and branches that cross the middle of the rose bush. To find dead wood, cut down the branch you think might be dead, cutting out the whiter brittle wood. If the wood changes to darker moist wood, then it is not dead, so cut it to just above an outward facing bud. Remember when pruning that you keep an eye on the shape of the rose bush and keep the centre un-crowded so air can circulate, keeping down diseases and pests. Climbing roses only need light pruning to keep there shape and remove dead wood and suckers. The only other time to prune is when you see rust on your roses. As the name suggests rust is reddish brown patches on the leaves. If a branch of your rose bush develop rust, then remove it straight away. Do not compost rose foliage with rust as this will spread the disease.

Top five Roses

Here are the roses that have added the most to my gardens over the years. Whether through their colour or fragrance, i would recommend these roses to anyone. The one attribute that theses roses have in common is that they are easy to grow and need little specialised treatments.

  1. Blue Moon- This rose caused more comment than any other that I have grown. Neighbours, passer-bys and family all wanted information on this rose. Beautiful in flower arrangements and in the garden.
  2. Peace -This very hardy rose features yellow buds that open to large, lemony blooms that are outlined in light pink. The flowers are stunning against the dark green, glossy leaves.
  3. Iceberg- A pure white rose that I grew as a climber and it gave many years of pleasure in the garden. The fact that white flowers of any kind gives a lift to the colours around, makes this rose a must in any garden design. Very easy to grow and resistant to diseases.
  4. Golden shower - A beautiful yellow climbing rose, that preforms well with little attention. The flowers vary in colour from deep yellow to pappery cream, giving this a bi coloured effect.
  5. Masquerade - is a floribunda rose with dark green leaves and flowers that turn slowly from yellow to red as they age. In the garden this rose is stands out and makes a good focal point.

Natural help with garden diseases


Aphids can affect a rose bush so badly that it doesn’t bloom and look horrid. There are many chemicals on the market that work very well.  However if you worry using chemicals then get a small spray and fill it with a solution of soapy water. This will wash away the aphids by making the plant slippery. This makes it difficult for the aphids to stay on the plant and will save your roses from being dried out by the tiny bugs. Never spray roses in the heat of the day as the sun will scorch the rose bush and dry it up. Spray roses in the evening.


A beautiful bloom

Golden rain
Golden rain


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    • jayjay40 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Bristol England

      Thanks lovelypaper, I feel like you I would love a garden of roses they are fantastic

    • lovelypaper profile image

      Renee S 

      8 years ago from Virginia

      Good advice for growing roses. I would love to have a yard full of them in different colors. I know aphids are such a problem.

    • jayjay40 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Bristol England

      Thanks cathi and 2uesday for your comments, they are much appreciated.

    • 2uesday profile image


      8 years ago

      Good hub. Lots of useful information on rose growing, seems ages before mine will flower. I once had a beautiful Albertina rose in a previous garden - but because of the thorns on it,it was a beast to prune. Thanks jayjay.

    • Cathi Sutton profile image

      Cathi Sutton 

      8 years ago

      Well done! I have never had much luck with roses, though I love them. Maybe I should try again and follow your advise!

    • jayjay40 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Bristol England

      Thanks for the comment Nature Girl 101, I'm glad you found it informative

    • Nature Girl 101 profile image

      Nature Girl 101 

      8 years ago from Where the Wild things are.

      Wonderful hub, insightful and informative!

    • jayjay40 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Bristol England

      Hi Al

      Always great to hear from you. Roses are truely classic, thanks for the comment.

    • Mystique1957 profile image


      8 years ago from Caracas-Venezuela


      Great advices about roses! I just love Nature in any presentation, but of course, roses are the cutie ladies! They are very special! Thanks for sharing this great hub!

      Thumbs up!

      Warmest regards and infinite blessings,


    • jayjay40 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Bristol England

      Thanks Michael shane and scarytaff for dropping by and leaving a comment it is much appreciated

    • jayjay40 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Bristol England

      You make me feel jealous Immartin talking of your roses in bloom, mine are only just begining to bud.It is nice to find another rose lover, they are the best. Thanks for the comment

    • scarytaff profile image

      Derek James 

      8 years ago from South Wales

      Good information jayjay. Thanks for this hub.

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 

      8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Very nice hub!

    • lmmartin profile image


      8 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      Nice to find another rose lover. Mine are blooming like mad here in the Florida early spring (even though technically it's still winter.) I found this a helpful hub, as much as I love them, this is the first time I've lived in a climate where I can grow the more delicate kinds. Thank you very much. Lynda

    • jayjay40 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Bristol England

      Thanks for the comment Hello hello.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for your lovely information.

    • jayjay40 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Bristol England

      Thanks ethel, I love roses also and wish my rose bushes would be as good as some I've seen on-line. Still I can hope.

    • ethel smith profile image

      Ethel Smith 

      8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      I always make a slanted cut when pruning Roses but did not know why this mattered. Thanks for the info. I use a solution of Fairy Liquid to get rid of greenfly etc. Roses are so beautiful and classy, aren't they?


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