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Caring your Garden during monsoon

Updated on March 28, 2018

The North-East monsoon has set in here in Chennai recently. While we have been celebrating the annual festival 'Diwali', this monsoon rain has damaged most of our State--Tamil Nadu. People in down south of the State have been suffering a lot since the downpour was very heavy this year in those areas. 27% additional than the normal downpour in the whole state of Tamil Nadu and 22% extra rain in Chennai is recorded as per the statistics from Chennai Meteorological Department.

While we enjoy the monsoon for its pleasant aspects like increased crop cultivation, water supply sources getting filled, etc., the very unpleasant aspect of the monsoon rain is the public health. We take care of our health by taking appropriate medical care, having very hygienic food habits, etc.during monsoon. I use to take much care about my garden also even before the monsoon arrive. This is just to supplement the adequate necessities during the monsoon.

In fact, this is the very happy season for the garden and garden lovers. Gardens requires very special nourishment during rainy season. With few precautionary plannings even before the monsoon starts, we can very well bring up our garden much easily during this season, since this is the easier time the plants will get established.

  • I use only foliar fertilizers since my garden is very small one and I use only potted plants mainly. I do supplement the plants with required nutrients at proper intervals--obviously the seasonal rains may leach out the nutrients. This method of spraying helps the pores to absorb the fertilizer soon.
  • While preparing the flowerbeds, please ensure that they must be slightly raised, for helping the water to flow down; but keep the moisture.
  • I use red garden soil combined with cow dung as manure. This, I get well before the season because we have to protect them from rains. If this is drenched in rain, it will tend to lose its nutrition value by way of leaching.

  • I prune all my plants with proper intervals. This is to be done in all the seasons. This will allow sunlight to penetrate. Then only the plants will look good in shape.
  • After a spell of rain, it will take some time for the plants to adjust to the sun. Also to avoid them from squally weather, staking is very important. This will give additional support for the plants to grow fast.
  • I watch my plants everyday; Since most of my plants are potted plants, unless the soil surface looks dry I will not water the plants. This point is very important for potted plants. Water the pots until water runs out through the drainage holes.

Would you like to know about most popular Garden Plants?

  • Whenever possible I use to keep the pots in direct sun when necessary. This will boost the plant's growth very fast during the rainy season. But don't forget to get back the pots to the garden during the night. The temperature during night may go down which will spoil the growth.
  • Mainly take care of the plants as you take care of your baby. This will definitely give you more pleasure than harvesting.

Beautiful red rose in my garden
Beautiful red rose in my garden

Even though all the above tips are very easy to follow and they are very well known to everybody, due to lack of time and energy many cannot exactly follow them. Once we practice in the proper way, it will become our routine then. Try to grow a rose plant. One day if you happened to see the first rose blooming in that plant, you will feel that happiness of gardening definitely. Then, you will start to plant some small plants which may be of some use to your kitchen. This will give you a complete happiness.

I wish all of you also to take an additional care of your plants during this monsoon. Don't forget to use natural manure. Try to avoid more use of chemicals to nurture the plants. Plant more trees and shrubs in organic way. Enjoy Gardening!

Don't forget to share your experiences here under 'Comments' column, since it will motivate so many people like you to start their own garden.


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    • TwilightDream profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chennai, India

      Thx. sudipta for enjoying my hub. I really wonder how you grow varieties of roses without soil.

    • profile image

      sudipta sinha 

      9 years ago

      amazing, i have 60 rose pots of different varieties, mainly all are HT. But this is soilless, i do not use soil for growing any sort of plants. i am doing it for last 3 years. I found your manual extremely enjoyable. The routine is very quite clear but tough to maintain. Can write to me in, god bless you.

    • TwilightDream profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Chennai, India

      Gardening is really wonderful experience. Once we start doing gardening we will forget most of our problems. Your appreciating comment will give me a great enthusiasm to develop my garden further. God Bless!

    • stars439 profile image


      9 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Such a wonderful interesting garden, and beautiful. GBY.


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