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Easier Carpet Choices selecting best carpeting for your clean home

Updated on December 18, 2016

Restoring carpet & bleach spots

Redye bleach spots and Restoring carpet in Southport Australia on a denim carpet year 2000
Redye bleach spots and Restoring carpet in Southport Australia on a denim carpet year 2000

Professional advice choosing Carpets

Selecting carpeting for your home is often like buying a new car. You may not be aware of this but there are a large amount of considerations you need to make. You also have a vast range of options to choose from. When buying carpet the old saying rings true. YOU get what you pay for. You may have noticed the carpets now days you have to choose from vary differently in not only styles, types, textures, colors and fibers, but one also has to try to judge for themselves from the greatly differing quality types.

Today compared to the carpets of yester year these common choices of carpet are popular that is looped carpet pile not forgeting the cut carpet pile. Something you need to consider is the Looped carpet pile is made with single ribbons or yarn strands woven into the carpetings backing, hence creating loops which can be tight or small, loose or large.

Cut pile carpeting that is made in factories around the world is made similar though near the top of the loop it is cut. This gives the tuft effect and a fibre standing straight up. Cut pile carpeting is nearly always the sturdier choice than that of the loop pile carpets. Cut piles carpets again offer a wide variety of stylings, for example the twist, shagged, Hi Lo, Carved texture, velvet and many more. Your choices for loop pile carpets include varieties such as corded, sisal style, the berber or many others.

It was sometimes thought back in the old days for those areas of high traffic, the loop pile carpet was a great choice. This was until it was realised that even with all the care in the world. Many people found that the trackways left in the traffic areas could not be cleaned out. One of the biggest things to think of with your choice of carpeting is price, cost the mighty dollar. Not withstanding that barrier I know from personal experience in the past having a good quality wool carpeting in your home can be luxurious. However most of us at some point in our lives cannot afford the luxury of wool carpeting.

reliable carpet cleaning restoring or dyeing carpets in Australia

CARPET CHOICE for better or worse

Being you may be able to afford yourself the luxury of wool carpet a strange consequence is finding the wool carpet install you wanted costs a bit more. Wool carpet however will more often than not prove to be far superior than almost all other carpet types. Apart from getting hold of albeit expensive a really plush pile nylon or polypropylene not very often can man made fibers come anywhere near the feel of or experience with wool in many cases can outlast other carpets 30 years or so, like a good nylon can.

Acrylic carpet are quite similar to wool, some go so far to refer to acrylic carpet as man made wool. Acrylic carpet unless texturized, when new resists those harmful baddies such as stains and rejects dirt. But the best thing about acrylic carpet is because of the fact it is virtually non staining. This is due to the fact you need over 200 degrees celcius to dye Acrylic fibres and hence the carpet.

Acrylic carpet sounds like the answer to your prayers hey. BUT I cannot in good consience recommend Acrylic for your areas highly trafficed. Apart from this Acrylic can be a god send if your concerned about stains. Acrylic fibres on the other hand play havoc with allergies more so than nylon or wool.

Nylon carpets are often popular, because it is recommended for it's versatile nature, in areas that are highly trafficed. Often Nylon is overlooked just because it can be at the top expensive of the synthetic fibers price chart. Carpets made of nylon often are more the cheap alternative to wool. You cannot beat the warmth of wool. Also you cannot rely on wool being as fire proof as when it was on the sheep.

Polyproylene or Olefin has become a budget priced carpet fiber. Now days used in situations needing waterproof materials outdoor-indoor carpet is a great example.

In my exoperience Polyproylene or otherwise known as Polyprop or Olefin is commonly known as colour fast to a point and strong. It is easy for you to keep clean but not very easy for the professional to clean. A dark side to polyprop or olefin is that it cannot easily be redyed if you get stains on it.

Just like upholstery and other furnishings now days you have a wide choice of colours availible. You will have to be quite careful as I have seen some disasters when it comes to carpet patterns, colours and even your type of choice in Hi Lo for the carpet.

* Carpet MYTH 1 Light colour in a carpet can help with the effect of, making a room look bigger...
IT actually has the effect of increasing the height of the room appear to be taller and possibly therefore bigger.

* Carpet MYTH 2 Another common misconception is. Light color carpets show more dirt than deeper colors...
This entirely depends on your use of the carpet and if the fibre is texturized OR NOT. Texturizing is a technique done during manufacture to help allow dyes to grab and to help strengthen the fibre. To picture this grab yourself a sponge and a plain glass. Notice the glass is smooth and the sponge is... YOU guessed it texturized.

We always say to our customers with kids and pets this saying. That kids and pets are a carpet cleaners best friends and often a mum's worst nightmare. Given this fact you should choose a carpet that is sealed or a deeper depth of shade maybe even a blend of colours.

Dark colors are ideal for stains or pets, as they don't show soiled areas near as much as light colored carpets. These dark carpets will however usually fade and in many cases these carpets can be re coloured.

A side note for those of you thinking about light carpets. Even though your smart if by chance your stuck on choosing the lighter carpet colors and you happen to have children or pets. You will more than likely have your work cut out for you to try making those inevitable stains less obvious. In my professional opinion it is always usually easier and also smarter to select a blends or dark carpet colour and make it easier on yourself keep the carpet clean.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I just want a really plush carpet in my room, the old one is flat and rough. I've seen some carpets that are so soft and fluffy. I don't know if I'll get the fluffiest possible, just for cleanings sakes. Who knew there were so many kinds of carpet to choose from. I'm going to just have to go in and look at different kinds, and put some rugs down in the high traffic areas.

    • profile image

      Carpet Samples 

      4 years ago

      Yesss!! Very good article, we love carpets and this article is fire! :) haha

      One love!



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