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Case Brutale: The House with a Pool Roof in the Ground on a Cliff

Updated on June 2, 2016
The Cliff
The Cliff
The pool above
The pool above
Ground level
Ground level

Perched on the scenic Greek island of Rhodes is a house for the Ages future. It is a house that is utterly stunning and ingenious but might appear as a concrete prison. A gorgeous prison. The house is ideal for movie sets for a Mr. or Ms. Bond movie, for sure, for it sits inside the ground on a cliff overlooking the Aegean blue water sea.

The architect created a large swimming pool for its roof and is the only part of the house exposed on level ground. Underneath the aqua color water, is your home, which is about 2000 square feet set into the ground. Your view from the living room is stunning with its huge glass frontage as you peer out into the vast Aegean Sea. To get to your living area from the ground level, you descend 50 stairs down into the earth and enter the living area. The walls are bunker-like concrete, giving it a rustic, old, vintage look, like maybe from World War 2. The bedroom sits under the swimming pool roof and the natural light floods the room with dancing light from the water, especially if someone is swimming in it. You can gaze up and watch their swimming form for entertainment. Of course, swimming nude would be provocative[PM1] for those watching. The kitchen is basic in function yet still cool because of its location.

Being inside the ground, the house stays cool for the most part. The house has its followers and detractors. Many love the design or its “look”, sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean. More practical people worry about the pool being the roof and in winter with rain, mud, drainage and if the pool starts to leak, then what? Kind freaky sleeping under it. Some feel, there is too much natural lighting, sometimes darkness is better.

While the house invokes the “awe” aspect in all who sees it, others see it as a prison because of its bunker-like use of concrete throughout the house for walls and base flooring. It is kind of a cold environment. Sterile. But, home is where the heart is, so each person to their own.

The house can be built for 500,000-1,000,000 euros. It can be built on any seaside cliff. It could be your dream house. Interested? If you are, it would be first one!


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      I agree..stunning, for sure.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      2 years ago from Florida

      I love the idea of such houses, underground, by the coast... wow. You get the benefit of being below the surface, which keeps things cool during the day and temperate at night. Add to that, the type of view being on a cliff like that would have... we are talking awesomeness.


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