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Ceramic Tile Makes the List of Top Sustainable Materials

Updated on June 1, 2011

While it is not a new building material, it is a sustainable building material. The material in question is ceramic tile, which made the list of the top sustainable materials homeowners can use when building or remodeling their homes. As an added bonus, ceramic tile comes in so many styles and colors that it’s easy to find what you are looking for to complete almost any project.

Sustainable Building Materials

Sustainable materials are either recycled materials or renewable materials. For example, wood floors are sustainable because it is possible to replace wood by growing more trees. In the wood family, bamboo is more sustainable than hardwood because it is faster and easier to grow new bamboo plants than it is to grow hardwood trees.

Some sustainable building and remodeling materials include:

· Low VOC paint

· Energy efficient appliances

· Recycled or refurbished building products (rubber roofing, cork flooring, etc.)

Sustainable Features of Ceramic Tile

You may be wondering what makes ceramic tile sustainable. Well, the answer is that there are several characteristics that make it a sustainable material. One of the key features that makes ceramic tile sustainable is its lifetime is about four times that of other materials, including carpet and wood. A second factor is ceramic tile can be cleaned with hot soapy water rather than harsh cleaning chemicals.

Two other factors that make it sustainable include:

· Thin ceramic tiles can be installed over old floors, which eliminates waste

· Dry setting tile, without mortar or grout, can easily be removed and moved to a new home if you move (a form of recycling)

As you look around your home and identify the spots where you have ceramic tile installed, you can know breathe a sigh of relief that you have done what is right by the environment. If you planning to build or remodel a home and are looking for sustainable products to complete the project, ceramic tile is still a viable option as one of the sustainable materials you can use.


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