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Cheap Travel Cots & Cribs For Babies Sale Now On

Updated on February 28, 2012
Travel Cot
Travel Cot

Cheap travel cots / cribs for babies.

Babies have never come with an instruction manual, unfortunately, and each child is different regarding their individual requirements and likes. Travel cots are essential to the busy parents in order to ensure full protection for the infant whilst travelling. The unique travel cot allows a home from home feeling for the baby and ensures little discomfort whilst in the new surroundings.

Babies are fickle, and the slightest thing can upset them. Using the travel cot prior to going away, even for one night, can help with the adjustment of the infant to familiarize themselves with their new bed. This can allow the tired parents to have a restful nights sleep, even if they are in a foreign bed themselves.

Which Travel Cot Is Best ?

Travel beds for children present many opportunities for family vacations throughout the country. Opting for a travel crib, cot, or bed which provides ample comfort and security combined with durability is essential for both the parents and the baby.

The travel cots or beds on this page are all manufactured to the highest standards and can be returned if the parents or the baby are not satisfied with their purchase.


Graco baby systems are world renowned for their durability and longevity. The light yet robust plastic orientated products are excellent value for parents. has been known for a baby to completely reject using a travel cot of any style for no particular reason. Each baby is unique and certain things will upset one child but not another. It is always advisable to purchase a travel crib in advance of travelling and allowing the child to sleep in it on occasions so as they can get used to it.

Click on the smaller images to view the full selection and discounts available now.

The design of the travel crib systems allow them to fold down very compactly for transportation virtually anywhere. This Kushies travel crib comes in blue and pink as well as mocha and has three rings for the baby to hang their toys on and play till their hearts content or their diapers / nappies need changing.


The choice in unique travel cots / cribs is limited, with more manufacturers opting for the lucrative market of solid cots and cribs for children. Travel cribs and cots for girls or boys are essential travel goods even for short vacations.

This unique and under priced travel system offers versatility with practicality. An elevated changing platform can hold the baby whilst you pamper them and change their stinky bum. The wheels situated on one side allows the travel crib to be moved around the room even whilst the baby is asleep without disturbing them. Very simple to set up and comes complete with a nifty carry bag.

Whilst away on vacation, migrating insects bite, wasps and bees sting, and creatures great and small can enter the travel crib. Covering the crib with a mesh or netting will help protect your boy or girl from harm. This also gives the infant a fantastic play area which is safe and stops him or her from throwing their toys out of the crib / cot.

Click on the smaller image to view full selection, details and discounts.

Travel cots for newborns or newborn babies from ebay provide an excellent opportunity to save money. Ebay offers new and unused cribs and cots as well as second hand. The one pictured here is brand new and can be returned if the color does not suit the baby, it is to big or to small, or for any other reason if you are not happy.


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