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Cheap Unique Princess Beds For Girls Pink & Purple Castle Bed

Updated on July 17, 2012

Cheap Princess Beds For Little Girl Princesses.

Choosing a dream bed for a little Princess is very difficult. The bed needs to be functional and provide the child with a good nights sleep. It also needs to be pretty enough to tempt her to go to bed and for her to show off to her friends.

Combining both circumstances is pretty easy with the selection here. All beds are designed to sheer perfection with comfort, durability, and price taken into consideration. All these beds are fully guaranteed and have an excellent returns policy.

Prior to purchasing a bed for girls, please take note:

1) The size of the bed to the age of the girl. She may outgrow it quicker than you realize.

2) The space available in her room. Measure where the bed is going to be.

3) Dirt. Nets around certain beds will need to be washed regularly to prevent breathing difficulties from collected dust.

Bed Construction

The beds on this page have been selected for their appearance and excellent quality reputation. Some cheap beds for girls which although are picture perfect, do not appear on this page due to manufacturing faults or a high percentage of returns.

Carriage Bed With Canopy

For The Sleeping Beauty

This beautiful and unique bed comes with a massive discount ( limited time only ). Fit for a Princess, this lovely bed ensures early bedtimes and pleasant dreams. Designed around Cinderellas' pumpkin coach, this bed is way ahead in a girls fantasy imagination.

Finished in hand washed antique white with delicate scroll work and a canopy fit for a Princess. Made from tubular steel for strength and smooth edging for safety.

Individualism reigns as the possibility of one of her friends having this type of bed are virtually zero.

Click on the smaller images to view more details and further discounts.

Silver Sparkle Canopy Bed

Classical Elegance

The Powell Princess Rebecca Bed holds a classical elegance for all young girls. More square-ish by design compared to the Cinderella coach bed, but just as exquisite.

Finished with a silver sparkle and a contemporary yet modern twist to a classical design. As with all home delivery beds, there is some assembly required.

This awesome single Princess Castle bunk bed with a slide has the wow factor. Designed more or less as a play area as well as a sleeping area, this bed could entertain a young child for days, and certainly getting out of bed has never been more fun.

A play area under the sleeping quarters provides ample room for drawers, a desk and chair, or even another bed for a sister or stay over friend. Canvas covers are easily removed for washing purposes as is the 'tent' canopy over the bed.

Click on the smaller images for full details and current prices.

Small Princess Beds

For The Younger Princess

The Princess Palace Bed is cute by design and very sturdy with built in battery operated light. Well positioned shelves for photos or alarm clocks and slightly raised sides to prevent children from slipping off.

Bedtime should be fun for children. cheap pink Princess beds allow a child to relax more and lets their imagination run wild during playtime. It may also encourage them to read more whilst they are in their bed.

Toddler Beds

For The Spirited Princess

Even the youngest Princess will squeal with delight on viewing their new bed for the first time. These robust plastic beds are very sturdy, easily washed down, and can be resold after your child has outgrown them.

Please click on the smaller image to view full selection of beds available.


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