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Car Alarms And Alternative Automobile Security

Updated on January 20, 2015

You have just bought yourself a lovely car, saved up your money, got it insured, and some git comes along and nicks it. This is typical of a scenario that happens less than every 18 seconds in the USA alone. * source: American crime statistics.

A cheap car alarm may help prevent this, it does not need to be expensive, it just needs to work. The best car alarms come with immobilisers and other security measures for vehicles. But is a car alarm the only way to protect your car? and if car alarms work, how come so many cars get stolen?

When the new registration cars came on the market, four years ago, Mercedes offered a car with an impassible car alarm system, one so technologically advanced, that they nearly quoted it as the only theft proof car in the world, but some one had nicked it.

We all know cars are stolen, we all know most are used for joyriding, some for ram raids, getaway cars, some to be used as car bombs, or sent to a chop shop to be sold as spares, or even just sent abroad for resale. Either way, you have lost your car, the insurance companies are never fully understanding, and you never get back the replacement value, so you are out of pocket no matter what you do. Professional car thieves, possibly from the age of twelve, exchange stories and ways of disabling car alarms, if you need to learn anything about stealing, get sent to a Youth Offenders Home or to prison, you will come out with a lot more criminal savvy, that what you had, when you went in, these places are a haven for younger people to be taught how to steal and how not to get caught.

Car alarms are really essential in this modern society that we created, full of thieves and politicians, if the thieves don't get you, the tax man will. If you hear your car alarm going off, it lets you know that your car is being stolen or broken into, which is a bit late as is only takes less than five seconds to get into your car and another ten seconds to start it, maybe fifteen seconds if you have an engine immobiliser fitted. So you have say twenty seconds, from the moment you hear your alarm going off to getting to your car to face the thief. Then what? What do you do then? Go near him, or her, and you could be dead within two minutes from a stab wound, gun shot, or being run over by your own vehicle. Or do you shout through the window at him? If a thief wants your car, he will have it, no matter what alarm you have fitted. Nearly every car alarm system in the world has a back door, they are made that way, in case the owners lose a key, forget a code, or in the event of a system malfunction.

Ask A Thief

For well over five years, I have been speaking to a former thief about house and car alarms, security measures and other bits of information that are relevant to not being robbed, after all, who is actually better qualified to give help on security systems, than a man who spent half of his life breaking into home and cars, by passing most of the alarm systems. He has now helped police and even insurance companies protect thousands of properties. He has given specific talks on certain home security types and alarms, you can find links to them below. They are very eye opening and well worth a read before you invest in an alarm system, safe or other home security measures.

Car alarms do deter thousands of would be thieves every day, but they usually just go to the next car along without an alarm system. So in this sense, a car alarm system is invaluable. If you park your car on your driveway at home, there is so much more you can do to prevent your vehicle being stolen by the dregs of our society, other than just an alarm. Don't forget, you are at war, these people do not care about you, your possessions or your family, they will stab you just to get the shoes off your feet. Protect yourself.

Laser Car Cover & Proximity Alarms

Available on the market there are many types of pre-warning alarms, which are excellent as they tell you that some one is near your car, and they have not got near it yet. A laser car cover alarm surrounds your car with invisible lasers, like the ones you see in the movies, and if the laser lights are interrupted, then a separate alarm system will activate, giving the thief less time to break in as he is already drawing attention to himself. If you have external lights and cameras wired into the same system, the thief will be illuminated, recorded on CCTV cameras, and not even got to close to your car yet. The proximity alarms do the same.

Laser Beam Alarms, Driveway Alarms

These are similar to the laser shield alarms, only there is one invisible laser, it is very small and wireless, and are usually placed near the entrance to your drive, about waist high, this will allow dogs and cats to walk through and not set the alarm off. If a would be car thief of even an intruder comes onto your property breaks the laser beam, the alarm sounds. This is another excellent pre-warning system, easy to install yourself, and they are very inexpensive, then again, how much do you stand to lose if your vehicle goes missing?

Natural Protection

If you have a gate and lock it of a night, you know thieves will come over the top of your wall or fence. There are many virtually maintenance free plants and bushes, which can look very ornate and pretty, but have sharp points and barbs all over them. Thieves do not like them as they will be cut to bits and they leave DNA in the form of their blood on the needle like thorns, which serves them right. Blackberry and raspberry bushes are perfect, they can grow tall wide and dense, are very cheap, can be trained to grow anywhere, give fruit and cut thieves to bits.


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