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China's Inferior products

Updated on August 20, 2011

USA Falling to Make Muster

How many tomes have you wanted to work on something and bought what you thought was a product that would save you time and money. I don't care if the product in question is $2 or $500 it should be sufficient to do the job it was sold to do.

I was watering the yard I thought, with a good enough hand held wand, but I guessed wrong. Not only did the wand fail muster but the two sprinklers I had purchased did also. I did not expect to spend a fortune for something to connect to the end of the hose.

I purchased two sprinklers for the same purpose and after one usage the pulsating sprinkler only worked on one of three settings and the and sprinkler needed constant attention to be helped along. It is really sad that the largest retailer in the world has run so many mom and pop businesses out to carry such inferior products from China.

Use to, we thought Made in Japan labels were annoying now all we see is Made in China and you know it's going to be of lesser quality and you will be taking it back as a return. I bought a chain saw at Harbor Freight and after one days use had to return it. Luckily I purchased the lifetime guarantee so I will be able to take it back when I have to. Whenever you purchase a Made in China product and have an opportunity to buy a lifetime guarantee, get it. You can use your own discretion because you get a feel on what will be returned and what won't be returned.

I like Harbor Freight and have no complaints about Harbor Freight or Target or Walmart, but get the guarantee my friends and protect your investment in China, or Taiwan, or where ever. You can bet it was made any where but the good ole US of A, and that is sad and disgusting that we have gotten to be the laughing stock of the World. Go America.

You go to the store and expect to buy good stuff and get crap instead. What is our Government doing about this situation. Not a damn thing. Obama is touring in his 1.2 million dollar bus that gets two miles to a gallon, preaching tighten your belts when his bus could be running on propane instead of diesel but he know nothing about saving or going green. He talks the talk but absolutely does not walk the walk. Sickening. He's not the only one and there must be a lot of changes at the polls my friends. We have to get that Rock Star out of office and place an American in office that loves his country.

Buy American my friends and create jobs.


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