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Choose a Fruit Netting to Keep Pest Birds Away

Updated on March 14, 2010

Growing fruits in the back yard is a healthy way of getting all the fruits you and your family needs, but do you know how to protect your plants? Every year gardeners lose most of their fruit to birds and the solution is not even far away. Bird and fruit nettings can take care of this problem by keeping pest birds out of your premises.

Bird nets are able to keep pest birds away from government, office or home buildings for cheap and there are nets for every kind of uses. An airplane hangar or a busy train station for example needs to be covered in a few hundred square feet of heavy duty nets for a permanent solution.

There are several colors and mesh size nets to choose from. It ranges from 1/2" to 2" in mesh size. When larger pest birds are to be kept away a 2" mesh size net is a good solution, smaller birds can be kept out with a 1/2" to 1" mesh net. An improperly chosen netting may cause birds to get through and be trapped in your fruit garden, so it's important to choose the right one.

Fruit Netting by Dave Croker
Fruit Netting by Dave Croker

Popular colors are white, gray and black, but the black is the most commonly used due to its beneficial attributes. It doesn't lose its color to UV light, dirt or dust. A properly installed fruit netting may be almost invisible, with well chosen materials it will last for several years but there are light and cheap solutions that last for about a year.

Knitted polyethylene nets are considered to be a long lasting and durable solution against pest birds. These are more for industrial applications because they can endure 40 pounds of burst force and are flame and heat resistant.

For home and garden use there are extruded polypropylene mesh nets that are light weight yet durable. These are most often used to protect fruit trees, berries or crops.

Installing these nets are usually easy and quick, but there may be need for professional help if the netting has to be put at a higher altitude.

Taking a look around online will help your choose the right solution for your needs and will make your able to make the right decisions about materials and mesh size. You will be able to choose a cheap way to keep pest birds from eating most of your fruits.

Photo used is property of Dave Croker


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