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Choosing a Red Toaster

Updated on August 5, 2010

A red toaster is a great way to brighten up your kitchen as well as being an essential appliance for toasting bread, bagels, pastries and other bread products. Red toasters are produced by several different manufacturers so you’re sure to be able to find one that fits both your kitchen and your budget.

A red toaster won’t make your toast taste any better than any other color toaster but it looks great in your kitchen and can really brighten up your morning to use a funky modern red toaster rather than a boring white version. You can also buy other appliances to match such as a red kettle or a red toaster oven – this can be a great way to add some design style to a plain white or neutral kitchen.

Where to buy red toasters

You can buy a red toaster from any store that deals in kitchen appliances, although you may find that some colors are frequently out of stock. The best place to look to get the widest selection is online from large stores like Amazon where you can easily compare prices and features for several different brands of red toaster.

If you’re looking to buy a red toaster oven, kettle or other appliances you can often get some good bargains by buying them all at once which may entitle you to free shipping or another type of discount.

Red toaster brands

Red toasters are available from several different manufacturers so there are lots of options when you’re looking for features and choosing one to go with your kitchen.

The Dualit red toaster is a popular model that comes in both 2-slice and 4-slice versions to suit a couple, a single person living on their own or a family. The retro styling and chrome panel look great in a 50s style kitchen or for anyone looking to add a funky retro appliance into their design. The extra wide slots measure 28mm – wide enough for bagels, rolls and other wide breads. This red toaster also features a sandwich cage – perfect for making toasted sandwiches. There is also a warming rack which can be fitted onto the Dualit toaster red to warm croissants, pastries and other breakfast treats.

The red Kitchenaid toaster is another popular brand choice. Kitchenaid make a number of red toasters which are suitable for any kitchen or price range. If you’re looking for a red four slice toaster, the KMTT400 is a great choice that looks fantastic with its stainless steel panel and two separate toasting controls. With this toaster you can make two slices of toast for two different people, browned to different colors at the same time! For a more basic design, try the KTT570 in a solid red polycarbonate housing which features extra long wide and deep slots. Both these models are also available as 2-slice versions.

For more options of red 4 slice toasters, try the Cuisinart red toaster which is another retro styled red toaster. Cuisinart also make red toaster ovens so you can buy a whole set of matching appliances. Or choose one of the styles of Oster red toaster which both look stylish and are great value for money.


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