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Choosing a Home Security Camera System

Updated on August 5, 2014

An intruder breaks in, takes off along with any few valuables, leaving you actually feeling violated and maybe even petrified. Perhaps you contemplate, “Were they in my bedroom too?” “Did they go through this particular closet?” “Might they strike for a second time?” There are plenty of disconcerting “What if” questions that race through your head, and whilst practically nothing can remedy that feeling of vulnerability that follows a break-in, you are able to dramatically increase your peace of mind by using a quality set of home security cameras.

It's no coincidence that with the economy the way it is, a rise in unemployment also brings a rise in crime rates. Many houses are easy targets for criminals, some of which will even enter your house while you are still in it. Apart from the obvious things such as securing doors and windows, you can also get quite affordable Home security camera systems nowadays.

Some of these have various features, such as cctv systems with motion detection and infra red recording, even wireless surveilance systems. Some can automatically record what is seen, this could prove very useful for showing to the police to track down the criminal, or for insurance claim purposes. Also, as we all know, prevention is even better, and merely the site of a security video cameras can make a criminal go find an easier target than your home. No criminal wants to be recorded on a security camera caught red handed in the act of breaking and entering or stealing from your home. You can now buy an affordable home security camera system for your house for extra peace of mind, as it is not as expensive as it was some years ago for a similar cctv system.

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Wireless Security Cameras are now more affordable than before.

During the past, home security cameras have been based upon analog or CCTV (closed circuit television) technologies, which require specific cables or proprietary wireless connections.The growth of wireless home security cameras has begun to change this and can evenl help you insure your home at a appreciable lower cost.

Nowadays due to advancements in technology,Home security cameras, just like home security systems themselves, are available in both hard-wired and wireless designs. Generally speaking wireless home security cameras might possibly be the preferred choice given that they give you a a variety of advantages over surveillance cameras that require wiring.

Modern Security Cameras are feature packed!

The individual home security cameras incorporated into these residential security systems squeeze in a practical set of valuable features, including color with black-and-white recording capabilities, infrared LEDs for night vision monitoring as well as movement detection for selective recording. Many homeowners wish to observe what's happening around their property - literally speaking - with the aid of home security cameras.

Wireless and Infra Red Security Cameras

There is several different options when considering which security camera system is best suited to your home. You could have multiple cameras at entry points front, back and side of your home for example. Nowadays wireless cameras are also available, so theres no need to drill holes and run wires through walls if it would be inconvenient. This allows you to put cameras in areas you might otherwise have a hard time with setting up. The security cameras available these days also can have infra red features, allowing them to use a form of night vision to record in dark or near dark conditions.

Recording Motion Detection Security Cameras

There is options to have cameras that automatically record if motion is detected such as an potential intruder snooping around your property. These can be connected to the internet, a computer hard drive, or even just record to an SD card, this can be an affordable and convenient option if you shop around. The advantage with having a camera with a motion detection feature is that it will only record when movement is detected, this does away with recording hours and hours of nothing happening, which is obviously pretty pointless and takes up a lot of space for no good reason.


Fake home security cameras can act as decoys for real cameras when placed in a highly visible spot.


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    • whitton profile image

      whitton 7 years ago

      Great Hub. The Astak Pan/Tilt Night Vision IP Network Camera is excellent for people that want to see what's going on in places when they are not there and they are not tech savy enough to hook up more difficult systems.