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Expensive Pools Verses Cheap Pools

Updated on August 6, 2015

Is There a Difference in Cheap Pools or Expensive Pools

If you're in the market for a pool there are several options available, but it's important to shop around. Remember, every pool store will tell you how superior their products are to every other company. There are differences, but just because one company says the other companies aren't good does not mean you can't get a good quality pool from them.

You want to know how much you are going to spend on a pool before you go to check them out. Remember, you're always going to be shown the most expensive pools available first. To avoid falling in love with a pool that's 3 -5 times what's in your budget tell them when you walk in the door how much you have for a pool.

In-ground or Above Ground Pool

The biggest deciding factor of whether to get an in-ground or above ground pool is usually money. The cost of an in-ground pool will run $30,000 - $50,000 easily. Where you can get a really nice above ground pool starting around $1,800 and going up to around $3,000.


Chemicals for Pools

A good indication of a good pool is the warranty that is included with the purchase of a pool. As an example, Pool's Plus comes with a 20 years warranty with their pools. Some companies will offer warranties that you have to purchase on top of the pool itself. You can get good pools that don't offer the warranty. Know how long you want the pool to last, and if several years down the road will it still be in good condition.

There is no difference between cheap or expensive pool chemicals. Any pool place will cost considerably more verses going to a department store like Walmart where you'll save hundreds of dollars over the course of a season.


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    • DeborahFantasia profile image

      Deborah 6 years ago from Italy

      Hi "twilanelson," I'm glad you found my hub useful ! Thank you for the nice comment :)

    • twilanelson profile image

      Twila Nelson 6 years ago from Carmichael, California

      Thank you for some exceptional tips for buying a swimming pool. These tips will certainly make buying a swimming pool a bit more comfortable for the buyer and the salesperson.