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Choosing the Right Bed

Updated on February 10, 2016

The Right Material

From real wood to metal to leather, beds are made from a variety of materials. Wooden beds go well with almost all kinds of home decors. Real wood costs a pretty penny, but last for a very long time with proper care. Leather beds add a luxurious touch to any room, while metal beds create that chic and elegant look. Leather or upholstered beds are very soft and comfy as they provide a layer of cushioning below the mattress.

Matters of Size

Though the bed in the most important furniture in a bedroom, you wouldn’t want it to dominate the whole room. If your bedroom is really huge, then a King or Queen Size bed will be ideal. But, if you live in cramped spaces, then hideaway beds, day bed, loft beds, or box beds may be a good choice. A single bed, also known as Twin bed can be used for kid’s rooms or guest rooms. Have an idea about which room you are going to place the bed before you decide on the size.

Storage Space

There are plenty of beds that provide storage space at the bottom where you can keep linen, clothes, and other stuff. Pull-out drawers present below the beds help reduce closet space. In Divan beds, you can lift the top of the bed to reveal a storage space under.

Your Budget

It is possibly the most important factor in picking a bed. So, once you decide on the type, styles, and design of the bed that you want to purchase, go online or window shopping. Checkout various shops before you buy one. Watch out for offers, you may get real lucky and get a very beautiful bed for half its price. Happy Bed Shopping!


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