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A Comprehensive Guide To Outside Lights

Updated on November 13, 2010

If you are a homeowner interested in attractively and practically decorating your home, it is a good idea to take into account the entirety of the area to be furnished. While many homeowners will concern themselves with interior issues, such as furniture and flooring, it is important not to neglect the exterior of the home as well, especially the deck and driveway space. In order to prepare this section of the property for effective adornment, one must first consider the outside lights to be placed.  Using indirect lighting can be one of the most dramatic uses of outdoor lighting schemes.  However, there are many options for customization available, based on utility and aesthetic appeal.

Technical Details of Outside Lighting Fixtures

Before shopping for outside lights, it is important to identify the type of lighting that you will need. If you need to cover a large area, especially if you expect to be working outdoors during the nighttime, floodlights will be ideal. If you would like to illuminate a particular walkway or driveway, smaller lights should be purchased and applied along the borders of the road or path. Driveway lights are particularly useful in such a scenario, especially if you expect to be driving and parking during the later hours of the night. Deciding upon the lighting source for the fixtures is another important part of finalizing your purchase.  With the rapid advancement of technology, two particular lighting options have grown very popular amongst homeowners: solar lighting and LED lighting. Solar lights store sunlight during the daytime and transfer the stored energy into illumination during the night. This lighting source is very useful in smaller and more clustered lights, such as: those lining driveways, patios, or decks. LED lights, on the other hand, are very powerful and bright lights that are better suited for single source functionality, such as: in floodlights and area-encompassing patio lights. 

Decorative Options Available with Outside Lighting Fixtures

As with any type of lighting, arranging your outside lights can be a very ornamental process that can add grace and beauty to your home’s outdoor area. A large part of such decorative appeal lies in deck lighting, particularly when used in conjunction with other articles of furniture or decoration on the deck area. Depending on the central theme or style you have set around the outdoor area, different types of lighting fixtures will be able to complement the area. In contemporary designs that emphasize minimalist appeal, simple geometric shapes—such as squares or flat circles— will work best around the area, especially if you plan on drawing attention to the negative space around the area itself. In traditional decorations, where the appeal is centered round artistic showmanship and design, the selection may be a little bit more extravagant. One may select lighting set in just about every type of framing imaginable, including lanterns and other quaint shapes that may become an important part of the furnishings. With the lighting fixtures already in mind, the next step will be to consider their placement. If there are objects in the outside area that you would like to draw attention to, one recommended lighting technique would be to cast shadows away from or under them. By experimenting with the ambiance and theme, you will no doubt be able to make a purchase certain to attractively showcase your outdoor area.

Outside Lighting Examples


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