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Clean Even Set Stains from Carpet

Updated on May 13, 2016
Need help? by rlz
Need help? by rlz

Uh-oh! You just now noticed the food spill on the den carpet from a party last week? Or have you just come back from a long vacation to find a pet stain where you least expected it? Fear not! Here you'll find a solution that should succeed virtually every time in removing a set stain from any carpet. (And at rickzworld, you'll find even more helpful & entertaining stuff.)

Things that you will need include clean room temperature water; paper towels, or clean wipes or rags; possibly a fan, calm and patience, and a gentle touch.

Begin to calmly sneak up on the set stain by using a slightly dampened paper towel, wipe or rag to remove any solid residue remaining atop the rug's fibers. Do not rub or wipe across the carpet with any force or pressure; that will merely set the stain deeper and stronger, making it still harder to clean.

Then, thoroughly soak paper towels, wipes or rags and place them flat, on top of and completely covering the stained area.

Allow the water to completely evaporate out of the paper towels, wipes or rags. To hasten the evaporation, you can also train a fan on the paper towels, wipes or rags. As the water evaporates from the top of the paper towels, wipes or rags, remaining water below will be wicked upwards, drawing the stain with it.

If some of the stain discoloration remains after the first cycle, repeat the entire process with more fresh paper towels, wipes or rags. For severely stained carpet, it may take as many as 4 or 5 repetitions to completely remove any traces of discoloration.

If after this entire process, the stain remains, you should consult your local dry cleaner or carpet cleaning company.


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