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Clean your dryer vent-Protect your home

Updated on April 12, 2009

Clean your dryer vent to protect your home. Most people do not even think of cleaning their dryer vents. I am a Chimney Sweep, and i have cleaned lots or fireplaces and woodstoves. When i ask the customer if they would like their dryer vent cleaned..most of them wrinkle their noses and say "no thanks, but, we will think about it".

According to the National Fire Protection Association, between 2003-2006, nearly 16,000 structure fires were caused by dryer vents. The total of these losses were close to $200 million dollars. More costly than the damages were the 433 injuries, and 16 fatalities.

A very close friend of mine was told by myself to clean his dryer vent. It was vented on the outside wall of his house, that was covered in dead ivey. I also told him to remove the ivey in case of a grass fire that could possibly run up his wall and catch the roof on fire. He just kept saying .."yea, i need to do that". His wife was at home, when suddenly there was someone banging on the front door..yelling "get out of the is on fire". She ran out of the house and called the fire department, and they reponded in just a few minutes.

The fire was caused by the dirty dryer vent that was full of lint. The fire traveled to the end of the vent pipe, and ignited the dead ivey, and traveled up the wall and caused the eave to catch fire. It then traveled across the roof trusses, and caused a total loss of the roof system. They had to move out of the house for over six months while the house was basically  completely rebuilt.

If you are lucky enough not to have a fire, it will greatly increase the drying time of your clothes. This means higher power bills, and decreased life of your dryer. If you are experiencing your clothes seeming to take all day to dry, it would be in your best interest to get the dryer vent cleaned..NOW!

If you are using a plastic type dryer vent, you should switch to a flexible dryer vent pipe. Rigid pipe is the best choice ,due to the fact that the rigid pipe will not sag, and allow a place for the lint to accumulate. The cost of the rigid pipe is more than the flexible pipe, and kind of a pain to install, but, it is a LOT better and safer in the long run. It is a smarter choice.

So, give a company a call to get this done. Lots of Chimney Sweeps offer this as a service. Getting your dryer vent cleaned may not only save you some money, but, may save your home! Sweeps luck to you!


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  • Sweeps Luck profile imageAUTHOR

    Sweeps Luck 

    8 years ago from Fountain Inn

    Hi Chimney Sweep brother :-) It is a problem here..a friend of mines house burnt down after not getting his dryer vent cleaned. I told him several times to let me clean his vent out..he said..Nah, its ok...well he found out how right i was. Luckily, no one was hurt just his house sustained a lot of damage. It is worth the money to have it cleaned. Good luck with your work. Ours is picking up is starting to get chilly. :-)

  • profile image

    Chimney Sweep Sheffield 

    8 years ago

    Hi - I'm a chimney sweep in the UK and have only just learnt that this is a problem and so have just started to offer it as a service myself. Now I mentioning it to people I'm becoming more and more aware of people who have had the sort of problems you have described. Thanks for the info


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