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How to Organize a Closet?

Updated on July 3, 2013
You can be organized in a small space, too!
You can be organized in a small space, too! | Source

Although I'm not very organized person, in the past few years I have tried a lot of different organizational methods for my wardrobe. But all of them end the same. My closet remained cluttered, disorganized and messy.

Since this is a problem that many people have, it's never sufficiently to say something on the subject. My new secret is the rule of three.

When I cleaned my closet last winter, I picked three items for each type of clothing. Three sweaters, three long sleeve shirts, three blouses etc. Then i purchased a few sets of hangers. Each set contained three hangers in the same color. I determined what kind of clothing goes with which color of hanger. After that, I hung it, and put it all back to the closet.

Of course, I had a lot of clothing that I didn't make 'the rule of three' cut. I purge it carefully and donated everything that I didn't feel comfortable wearing. Then I fold all of the remaining clothes and put it on the upper shelf so that I can't reach it easily.

Next month I only wore hanging clothes. And I have never felt that I'm missing something. After that month, I replaced this clothing. I put things I was wearing last month to the upper shelf, and hung the other items on hangers. It was like I have brand new things to wear the next month.

This way, I had a lot more space then the stuff, which made it very easy to maintain everything. Also, I could choose what will I wear in no time. Less was more. I realized that a lot of choices sometimes made me lose a lot of time. On the other hand, when I felt like I don't have anything new and interesting to wear, I just switched things, without spending any money on a new clothing!

Because I use different colored hangers, I could easily see where I should put something after using or doing a laundry. And it made me do my laundry more often and efficient.

So, it prevent me for spending money on stuff I don't really need, it made it easier to choose my outfit everyday, it made it easier to put it back, and I felt like I had more space. Additionally, when I need to travel somewhere, I had plenty of clean and folded clothes on my upper shelf, that I could just put it my suitcase.

So, my secret for a clean and organized closet is: pick a number (it doesn't need to be three) and stick to it. You will enjoy it. Of course, you should take care that you can combine clothes you have chosen in many different ways, so you can really have fun picking out your outfit.

And one more thing. As you probably know, it's much funnier and relaxed if you choose what to wear the evening before. I usually do that when I come home from work, and it makes my mornings much relaxed.

Your wardrobe should be place that contain only things that you love and feel great wearing. it should bring you joy and happiness. Don't let it become cause of stress.

What about your closet?

Is your closed organized?

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