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Cleaning Your Carpets Regularly Will Keep Your Home Safe and Healthier

Updated on April 28, 2015

Carpets Enhances Home Look

When it comes to the interior of our homes, the majority of us want it to look glamorous without having to spend a lot of money. With a nice carpet smoothly rolled on the floor of your house, chances are that you are going to accomplish the goal of wanting your place to look luxurious yet not spend the same amount of money as one normally would if tiles or marbles were used. But, with carpets, there is one major drawback and that is the gradual disintegration of the carpet due to dirt or stains.

Also the dirty or dusty carpets can make your kids allergic to dust mites and sometimes lead to very mild asthma.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Carpets Cleaned Regularly

Luckily though, carpet cleaning isn’t all that it is made to be. With certain tips that can easily be performed by anyone with little dedication, you can not only keep your carpet clean, but also give your home a refreshing look.

1. Vacuum Regularly

While vacuuming may require a little bit of physical exertion, it can go a long way in ensuring the cleanliness of your carpet. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that high traffic areas, or areas that come under the greatest amount of contact, are vacuumed twice a week. Moreover, since dirt tends to accumulate under couches and sofas, you would do well to remove them before vacuuming so as to ensure total eradication of dirt.


2. Use Dirt Mats

Dirt mats can not only perform the task of inviting someone to your place, but also keep the dirt away from your carpet. Placed right before the entrance, these mats tend to play a great role in keeping dirt away as anyone who enters is likely to come in contact with the mat first.


Don't Forget to Clean Dirt Mats Daily

  • Vacuum thoroughly
  • Spray water on mat until there all fibers have been saturated with water
  • With my hand push out excess water
  • Spray with carpet cleaner
  • DA polisher with carpet brush attachment for agitation. I'll run the DA until I see a consistent color across the mat and stains have appeared to leave.
  • Use hot water extractor to take out the water. I use hot water from the machine at the same time, don't know if that's really doing anything at that point.

3. Act Instantly as You See the Stain

As with most stains, the greater the amount of time since the spillage, the less the chances are of the stain dying away easily. Hence, if you happen to spill a drink or some other stuff on your carpet, it is suggested that you act immediately and not wait one bit. Acting immediately will not only increase the likelihood of eliminating the stain, but also save you a lot of effort in the future.

4. Clean With Fresh Tap Water

While it is tempting to use commercial stain removers on a stain, using tap water can remove almost 80% of the stain marks. To effectively remove the stain, gently blot instead of rubbing or scrubbing since this will spoil the surface and make it harder for the stain to go away.

Spray Water on Stain

Watch These 4 Quick Tips Video


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