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Hover your above ground pool to make it cleaner with a skimmer net basket

Updated on February 20, 2012

How to clean an above ground Pool?


There are many different ways to clean an above ground pool. These will all depend on the size of your pool and what equipment you will be using.

Below is a list of the different options for different size pools.

With 15ft pools or smaller you can use a basic maintenance kit.  These consist of a pool brush, skimmer net and pool hover.  The hover is only a basic model it works by adding a garden hose to it when you turn the water on it creates a vortex at the end of the hover pushing all the dirt into a material bag.

For pools larger then 15ft you can use an automatic pool hover or a deluxe maintenance kit.

The auto pool cleaner is a little car like device which attaches to your skimmer basket and uses your filter pump to power it. Your pool must have a water filter pump which can process more than 7570 litres per hour to be able to use this device.

A deluxe maintenance kit consists of a pool brush, skimmer net, pool skimmer basket and a deluxe hover. The deluxe hover is a lot different to the standard one, you don’t need to use a garden hose with it, and the hover comes with a basket which just slots directly into the pool skimmer.

Once you have got the correct equipment for your pool you can now go about the cleaning process.

Firstly make sure all your chemicals are at the correct levels and your filter pump is turned on.

Using a soft brush or the brush out of a maintenance kit go around the pool walls brushing down and debris or algae which has built up. This may make the water go cloudy but don’t worry your filter pump will pick up the smaller particles.

Once you have freed all the debris from the liner you can now get your pool hover and start hovering all this up.

Once all the debris is gone and the water is clear the cleaning process will be complete.

Thomas Staton - An Above Ground Pool and Garden Games expert.


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