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Cockroaches Will They Rule The World

Updated on June 27, 2013

All About Cockroaches And How To Control Them

Cockroaches are the most primitive living and oldest of any fossilized incects ever found. Have you ever lived where you turned on the kitchen light at night andd saw the cockroaches run. Cockroaches don't mind living outdoors but given half a chance they will move inside quickly with their whole family and before you know it you will be doing battle with one of the earths oldest living incects. Some scientists even speculate that it will be the Cockroach that will one day rule the earth. Lets hope not.

Cleanliness is very important when dealing with a cockroach problem. Be sure that all food of any type is placed in containers with tight fitting lids and that you never leave dirty dishes setting in the sink or dirty clothes setting in the laundry hamper because the cockroach will get a meal either place. Especially from messy dirty kids clothing. You want to make sure to remove anything from your environment that cockroaces can eat. You may have a real problem getting rid of cockroaches if you leave your pets a readily available supply of food setting out. Until you get rid of the cockroaches you may have to feed your pets only at a specific mealtime and then clean up and put away any left over pet food.

Unfortuntly they can also eat clothing , paper and even plastic insulation. In larger numbers they also emit a distinct bad odor.

More Cockroach Facts And Information

Cockroaches can be found all over the world. They can be controlled or eradicated but it takes a determined effort. As mentioned above the best way to control Cockroaches is to have a spotless clean kitchen with all food of any type securely stored. The very smallest amounts of food will be found and consumed by the cockroaches. You also want to deny them water when ever possible. Again don't forget Rovers water dish. Unfortunately roaches are now becoming resistant to pesticides and chemicals.

Did you know there are over 3800 species of Cockroaches world wide and they have been around over 360 million years. At one time even the American Station in Antarctica was over run with cockroaches. They had arrived at the station in packing boxes and multiplied swiftly. It took the staff at the American Station several years to rid it of cockroaches.

People who are allergic to house dust will be allergic to cockroaches since parts of their body when they die become mixed with house dust. Asthma can be induced from cockroach dust particles in some individuals.

It's a fact that roaches can identify poisons with their fine sensory hairs and will avoid areas that have been baited with poison. A man once ran an ad in several US Northeast Cities that he had the absolute way to get rid of cockroaches and that for only $9.95 he would send it to them. Because of the fact that a lot of people had a real roach problem in some of America's largest northeast cities the man was soon sent large numbers of orders. Do you know what he sent them. Two 4"X4" blocks of wood along with the instructions to catch every roach in their house and one at a time place each one on one of the blocks of wood , cover it with the other block of wood and strike the top of the top wood block with a hammer. Not sure if anyone ever tried to put their sure fire cockroach killer to the test.

Natural Methods Of The Elimination Of Cockroaches

The Roach Exterminator

You will need

1Pound of Borax

1 Pound Of Powdered Sugar

4 OZ. Of Cocoa Powder

4 Ozs. Of Sodium Chloride

Mix together well and sprinkle around where ever you see cockroaches. Caution could be harmful to children or pets so use caution.

A Safe Way To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches hate and detest catnip. It is a natural repellent to cockroaches. The chemical in catnip is called nepetactone , which is harmless to pets and humans. What you want to do is make a strong catnip tea , allow it to cool and spray it anywhere you see cockroaches. They will soon be gone. If you live in an apartment with a attached utility room be sure to spray it heavily with the catnip tea solution.

Prevention Is Still The Anwser For Cockroaches

You can prevent cockroaches by following these very simple rules.

1. Make sure you keep out from under your stove and refrigerator spotless clean. Spray Catnip tea under both.

2. Vacum regularly.

3. Make sure you kitchen floor is always clean.

4. Wipe off all your counters several times daily with a strong bleach solution

5. Clean out pet food dishes including water dishes and set up regular feeding times for your pets until the roaches are gone.

6. Garbage cans should have tight fitting lids.

7. Spray any cracks in kitchen or bathrooms with the strong catnip tea solution at least twice weekly.

8. Fix any leaky pipes. Try your best to keep cockroaches from getting to water.

9. Eliminate any stacked lumber or etc. near your home.

10. Do not allow newspapers or magazines to stack up.

11. Take the battle to the cockroaches. Spray all doorways and window sills with the catnip tea solution.

12. If your still not rid of the cockroaches do every suggestion on this page again. Remember everything must be kept spotless clean and any food of any type must be securly stored. Check out the plastic containers to the right for food storage. Starve the cockroaches out.

Please Post Your Comments About Cockroaches Now. Thanks For Reading.

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