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Wall Color Paint Affects Your Mood

Updated on May 20, 2013

Afraid of Color? Think about your mood.

Why play safe when choosing color? It is just paint. If you were choosing wall-paper with a pattern that would be a different story. There is one simple way to choose color. I find this works with most people. You need to ask yourself, what mood you want to feel when you are in your space.

Red- Hot, vibrant ,sexy

Orange- Friendly, fun, exciting

Purple- Passionate, alluring, sweet

Black- Mysterious, graphic, bold

Turquoise- Free, aquatic, soothing

Let's think about this for a moment. Do you want cool, outdoorsy, woodsy, clean, warm, distant, cozy, dark, inviting, global, asian. Now try to imagine what those words evoke. What images do you see. Your next step is to go to the library and find all the magazine on home decorating. Look through the magazine and make notes of the pages you like. You will start to see a pattern of furniture styles, looks, accessories that have some commonality. Once you narrow down your choices, take the magazine to a paint store. A picture paints a thousand words. I like going into Sherwin Williams. Most stores have employees that have been trained to understand color and its affects. Color affects your Feng Shui energy. You want to feel your best in the space you are in. You will be pleasantly surprised how your space feels after you make a simple color change. Change your color; change your mood!

Now save those images and notes. Then you can take those ideas to an interior designer and show them ideas and things you love. You can also email me if you have a simple question. This gives a designer a peek into your preferences, however be open to other ideas a designer might offer.

Some tools you may want to use to test color:

1.(2) White 18x 24" poster board, cut into 4 squares

2. Sherwin williams paint sample paint or buy a quart

3. a roller and pan

4. newspaper to cover table surface before painting

Go ahead and give it a try. Roll on two coats and let it dry. Hang the paint squares up on the wall you hope to paint. Study it for a a few days. You will know if this is the color you want for the entire room.

If you are really unsure, have a Sherwin Williams paint consultant come to your space and have them help you select a color.

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