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Comfy Heaven in a 2-Piece Sectional Sofa

Updated on April 11, 2015
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Nikhil Khandekar is an author, editor, translator & teacher. He also owns Webwrit, a small business that offers top-notch content services.

Comfort Haven!
Comfort Haven! | Source


A 2-piece sectional sofa is a haven within a haven! It makes for such a comfortable spot to sit down, with the gentle assurance of a comfy backrest and a soft-yet-firm base to rest your tired butt on! Plop down after a long day, or stretch out your legs on the longer piece in the corner - whichever you prefer, you can count on your sofa to provide much needed repose.

Why 2-Piece?

Good question! For starters, I'd say that old, single-piece sofas aren't quite as comfortable as a 2-piece sectional sofa. The modern-day sectional sofas also score handsomely over their 'single' cousins in terms of the vast array of features and materials they are made with.

Heck, you could get yourself a customised sofa, one that's built to your specifications. That's exactly what I did last month. I went to a reputed dealer and said that the sofas in his showroom exhibited two or ten qualities that I liked, but not all. He asked me to simply select those features I liked and offered to build me a custom-made 2-piece sectional sofa.

Other Benefits

Imagine lifting your giant three- or four-seater to vacuum the floor underneath! No such sweat with your 2-piece sectional sofa, however. As it comes in two separate pieces, you can easily move first the one and then the other piece to vacuum the floor under it. More benefits of a 2-piece sectional sofa include:

* Easy cleaning (of the sofa itself)

* Separate cushions for greater comfort

* More seating space without the bulkiness

* Comfy design for maximum lounging pleasure

* Wide choice of wood, cover, and cushion materials

Sofa Design

Nowadays, sectional sofas come in a great range of premium designs that not only make it easy to use with the rest of your furniture but also add significantly to the ambience. Some sectional sofas come with a pull-out drawer built in, where you may store your extra cushions, even mattresses, or other stuff. So far as looks go, these are the coolest-looking and most comfortable substitutes for the formerly popular button back Chesterfields and other old sofas.

I had lower back issues when I ordered my own 2-piece sectional sofa. After a couple weeks of using it, my lower back was in a much better condition. Come to think of it, I should have ordered much sooner than I did. The guys who design and supply 2-piece sectional sofas do know a thing or two about comfort.

The design features that come with modern sectionals are engineered for maximum comfort, and you can continue to use your sofa long after you purchased it. Your 2-piece sectional sofa will ensure that you have happy memories of it long after you get it home!


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