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Commercial Bathroom Accessories Add Efficient Functions and Credit to the Organization

Updated on April 25, 2013

Modern bathrooms have been made more sophisticated. They are furnished and designed in such a way as to have spa-like feel. Since bathroom represents your life-style and trends, it is elegantly made more advanced and deluxe. Today bathrooms have become more functional and also with the heterogeneous designs embellish the home décor. Thus, not only the domestic bathrooms made amazing but also at the commercial places like malls, shops, showrooms, theatre and corporate houses etc.

Many business houses need public toilets or bathrooms for the staff, customers and visitors. These commercial bathrooms have various requirements than those of domestic bathrooms as they are used by many people. Thus, in these commercial bathrooms the durability and ease of maintance is the main concern. Moreover the aesthetic ambience should also be maintained attractively otherwise it will make a very dull impression of the company or the organization. For these business hubs, their toilets are also one of the focal points to represent their status and standards.

Today there are many commercial bathroom accessories are available which are exclusively used in such commercial hubs. Though these accessories are the same as those of domestic bathrooms, they differ a bit in terms of durability, functions and maintenance. There are commercial taps, suites, basins, showers, toilets, urinals etc. So let’s see some of the functional and commercial bathroom accessories.

Commercial Taps

Likewise domestic taps, these taps are also practically designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Commercial taps are available in many attractive designs not just to cater the function but also with their unique shapes and finish, to represent the richness and glory of the particular business house. Also having some extra features like, scratch resistant, suitable for all kinds of pressure, sensors and automatic functions just to save water and give the user a very sophisticated feel.

Commercial Basin

The commercial basins are available in a variety of designs, finishes and shapes. These basins have extra efficient solid ceramic construction that gives an excellent durability. Moreover there are also stain-free basins that maintain the ambience sophisticatedly.

Commercial Toilets

Like that of toilets in the home, these commercial toilets are also very functional. These toilets come in many designs and styles. Among them wall hung toilets with concealed cisterns are in vogue in the corporate houses as they not only serve best but with their chic and compact designs save a lot of space and similarly give a good room to the users. Ranging from traditional to modern designs, these toilets really add up to the ambience of any commercial hub. Moreover their high standards construction provides excellent permanence.

Commercial Urinals

Probably the most visited place in the commercial hubs where sometimes executives excuse themselves from the meeting and come in here for relaxation or to ponder over big decisions freely. Moreover these commercial urinals are exclusively designed with creative shapes, various colours and solid constructions than those of domestic urinals as to give long-lasing functions and to serve the users providing cleanliness and relaxation. These urinals are usually operated by electronic flush valve to maintain sanitation that gives very easy and convenient feel.

Hence the commercial bathroom accessories are made of very practical features to offer utmost service with the excellent maintance and durability. Since these accessories signify the business houses’ reputation, they should be chosen well as to add face-lift to the whole company or the organization. Just after the office, the commercial bathrooms are also to be maintained well everyday so that the visitors or the customers just get amazed by the cleanliness and the sophistication. For more information on commercial bathroom products visit -


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    • formosangirl profile image

      formosangirl 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      Hi, carriethomson. Homeowners aspire to upgrade their kitchens to professional grade for the durability. Today at Surfas, I saw restaurant grade faucet fixtures (no frills). Likewise, I can see a growing trend for bathroom fixtures and accessories.