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Commercial Grade Power Garden Equipment for the Hobby Farm and Serious Gardeners or Human Powered Equipment

Updated on May 21, 2014

Power Dog Equipment is USA Amish made used widely by fleet rental stores and commercial growers.

If you’re a serious gardener you know the home owner power equipment being sold in home and garden centers is nowhere near what was being made and sold to the homeowner 50 years ago.

Back then things were made from heavy duty metal that was welded and not stamped out of thin sheet metal as it is today.

Power equipment was matched with long lasting cast iron sleeve engines that kept on working well into the next generation.

To find that type of equipment today you have to step up into professional quality equipment used in landscaping and commercial grower applications.

The Amish known for their quality made products also have difficulty in finding old fashioned products to maintain their self-sufficient life style.

While the Amish do not use grid power they do use gas powered equipment in their gardens where a team of horses used in the fields are not practical for the garden.

When they lose trust in manufactured equipment they develop and build their own for use within the Amish communities.

As non Amish also seek the same durability for their own use they turn to stores like Cottage Craft Works .com to locate Amish made goods and products.

Power Dog Equipment began in a small Amish welding shop located in Indiana. They developed a line of gardening and landscaping power equipment that uses hydraulic wheel motors and drives to operate the machines.

By adding a hydraulic pump instead of a direct or belt drive the Amish found they could transfer more power to drive wider walk behind power equipment.

Hydraulic powered wheels are also used on most zero turn mowers. Hydraulic fluids can be transferred much faster and smoother to operate the wheel drives over traditional transmissions.

This allows the operator to make sharper and quicker turns than manual steering systems.

Hydraulics and the weight of the machinery creates a much smoother transfer of power to the task at hand and not to the operator. This takes away the fatigue often associated with a lighter weight home owner machines.

Power Dog Equipment is well known in the equipment rental business’s as many stock their rental fleet with this heavy duty power equipment.

Rental equipment stores are probably the ultimate testing ground for equipment as people will tend to abuse rental equipment and push the limits more so than someone who owns it themselves.

Large gardens need a lot of prep and attention during the planting and growing season. The Power Dog hydraulic garden tillers are available in an 18” wide and 24” wide machine to make quick work.

There heavy duty construction are built for heavy use day in and day out. Hobby farmers and country estate owners are finding commercial grade equipment to be a good investment.

The math is rather simple do you buy something that will be worn out in as little as three to five years to buy over again and again or do you buy one time that will last a lifetime if it is maintained well?

Pricing for the Power Dog equipment is equivalent to a good zero turn mower. Ranging between $2900 and $5600.

To purchase Power Dog Equipment copy and paste this link to the Cottage Craft Works General Store Web Site.

While there take time to visit the home page and see over 5000 other high quality products for the home, farm, and garden mostly made and used by the Amish.


Heavy duty power equipment for the hobby farm and ranch

Commercial Grade Power Equipment

Power Dog 213 Garden Tiller

Power Dog Tiller Model 213 is the ultimate tiller capable of tilling a 24” path 8” deep it weighs 400 lbs and transfers hydraulic power to drive the wheels for a variable ground speed up to 4 MPH.

The hydraulic driven tines provide dual rotation to grind through the toughest mixed garden soils.

Operators are amazed at how easy the heavy weight Power Dog tillers are to operate. Instant forward and reverse and tight turning are all at the flick of a handle.

The model 213 comes with a long lasting Honda OHV electric start motor.

Power Dog 209 Garden Tiller

The Power Dog Tiller Model 209 might be the best fit for working the average garden rows. It has the same features as the bigger model 213 but with only an 18 inch cutting path makes it much more suitable to maintain vegetable garden rows.

The model 209 also uses hydraulic wheel motors and hydraulic driven dual Turing tines to till down 8” deep. It weighs in at 315 lbs still making it stable to keep between the rows without hopping and skipping out like some of the homeowner tillers will.

The model 209 is available with either a Subaru or Honda engine that can be selected with a pull start or electric start.

Commercial Grade Weed & Tall Grass Mower | Ambush by Power Dog

If your hobby farm or ranch needs constant tall weed mowing along fence rows where a tractor mounted mower won’t reach consider the Ambush Weed & Tall Grass Mower.

Powered by either a 10.5 HP Briggs motor or optional 13 Honda engine this powerful hydraulic driven walk behind mower is built commercial duty to handle the tall stuff.

Variable speed is controlled with a simple turn of the handle to go forward or reverse.

Makes amazing clean 26” wide path just the right size for walking paths or next to fence rows to reach with a tractor mower.

Uses safety chain guards just like the commercial mowers used by state highway departments.

See the Amish made Power Dog options at Cottage Craft Works .com

Cottage Craft Works .com is a unique back to basics general store catering to the self sufficient hobby farm and country lifestyles.

Wheel Hoe Original Single Wheel Cultivator
Wheel Hoe Original Single Wheel Cultivator
Flip & Go Garden Cultivator
Flip & Go Garden Cultivator
Weed & Till Cultivator
Weed & Till Cultivator
E-Z Till Garden Cultivator
E-Z Till Garden Cultivator
Clipper Reel Push Mower
Clipper Reel Push Mower

Simple Human Powered Garden Equipment

If you don't need all that commercial grade power, you can also have USA and Amish made human powered garden tools.

In fact you can find five different types of garden push cultivators including a reproduction of the old Planet Junior Cultivator at Cottage Craft Works .com

The Wheel Hoe Cultivator was duplicated from the original Planet Junior Cultivators that were considered the top of the line for backyard gardeners in the early 1900s before powered tillers were even invented.

The Wheel Hoe comes with a single or double wheel option with many different attachments for weeding, tilling and seeding.

The Flip and Go cultivator is a unique design with cultivator tines on one side and a garden plow on the other. Simply flip it over to use either side.

The Weed and Till Cultivator provides a rolling drum with chopping blades and cultivator tines on the back.

The EZ-Till Garden Cultivator uses a rubber tire. It is simple light weight and easy to use and store for smaller gardens.

Need to cut grass without the pollution and noise? Consider an Amish made push reel mower.

Yes they are expensive but just like the powered equipment you get what you pay for the Clipper Mower is all USA Amish made and is considered the Cadillac of reel mowers. It is available in 17", 19" and 21" sizes.

A less expensive Silver Pro Reel Mower is also available. It is Amish made using mostly imported parts whereas the Clipper uses all Amish USA made parts. The Silver Pro is available in 17" and 19" widths.


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