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Common Anti-Static Products that Diminish Electrical Charges

Updated on September 30, 2010

Antistatic products, as their name suggests, are those products which are designed to reduce static electricity. The main reason that people use anti-static products is for the purpose of safety. Reducing static electricity can keep people safe when working on electrical equipment or dealing with situations in which electricity may otherwise pose the risk of harm. However, there are also some anti-static products which are purchased less for the safety of humans and more for keeping certain products safe from the danger of electricity. In either case, the anti static products diminish static electricity around the area which they are set to serve.

Here is a look at some of the most common anti-static products:

  • Anti Static Bags. These are bags that come in various sizes are specifically intended for the purpose of storing items during travel. For example, you may put computer hard disks into anti static bags before placing them in your luggage during a business trip.
  • Anti Static Wrist Strap. This is a strap worn around the wrist to ground a person who is working on electrical equipment. The strap helps reduce the risk of electric shock while doing this type of dangerous work.
  • Anti Static Shoe Grounders. These serve the same purpose as the wrist strap but are worn on the shoes instead of on the wrist. There are antistatic shoe grounders for heels as well as for toes. They are made for all different types of shoes fro work boots to high heels.
  • Anti Static Clothing and Smocks. This is special clothing that is worn on the outside of your normal clothing when performing activities that may put you at the risk of electric shock. This is not typically used by the average person but instead is part of the special equipment for people in certain jobs such as electronics or telecommunications.
  • Anti Static Mat. This is a mat that is designed to be placed underneath an object or person to reduce static electricity and keep them grounded. This may be as small as an AntiStatic mouse pad or it as large as an Anti Static Mat for several people to stand on. AntiStatic mats are usually divided into table top mats and floor mats and may be used with a wide range of different types of devices.
  • Anti Static Carpeting. Slightly more intense than the Anti Static Mat is an entire floor made of Anti Static carpeting. This isn’t common to see but it can be found and it can be a great safety tool in an area where it’s needed. Carpeting isn’t the only type of anti-static flooring in existence; there are other types of anti-static flooring as well including rubber flooring and tile flooring.
  • Anti Static Chemicals. It is possible to use a diverse range of different chemicals to add anti-static properties to an area. There are anti static cleaners, anti static paints and anti static lotions.

There are many different companies that make these varied anti-static materials. People who are concerned about the environment will find that the majority of these companies do offer green anti static products.


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