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Common Problems concerning a Red Worm Bin

Updated on January 8, 2011

There are things that you should look out for especially when you’re raising and breeding Red Worms from composter bins. Red worms ideally are very particular with several things. So you might want to care for them the best way, to be able to maximize their full potential; and of course, reap the many benefits to making good use of them.

Common Problems inside the worm bin

Now, there may be instances wherein you’ll notice some bad stuff happening in and out of your vermicomposting bin. You should be able to know how to distinguish the normal stuff from the unusual ones. So you might want to remedy these immediately, before your worms start dying on you. To know these particular situations, read through the list below:

  1. Your red earthworms are starting to crawl out of their bin.
  2. Your composting worms bin is frequently visited by pests.
  3. The worm bin is starting to smell really bad.

Worms crawling out

Red wiggler worms can crawl out of their bins for a number of reasons. When this happens, you might want to check your bins acidity level. Make sure that it’s balanced (it should be between 6.4 to 6.9). Red earthworms are very particular when it comes to this since acid can burn their skin. So to balance this out, you can put in some crushed egg shells or some powdered limestone. Other than that, also check the moisture level of your worm bin. Make sure that it’s not too wet (or they might drown from this) or too dry. Worms need to be kept moist at all times since they breathe through their skin.

Pest Problems

Your red wigglers bin can possibly be swarmed by pests like fruit flies for example. But you can eliminate this potential problem by cutting down on the fruit wastes that you put inside the bin. Other than that, also make sure that the moisture level in the bin is kept stable. Too much moisture can actually draw attention to earthworm mites.

A smelly worm bin

Aside from all the mentioned situations, your Red Worms bin should always smell earthy to you. A smelly worm composting bin is already a problem. When this happens, you should know that the bin isn’t being given its proper keep up. So what leads to this? You might want to check the organic scraps that you put inside the bin. There might be foodstuff that they’re really not favorable of, which they will just ignore. This then leads to more rotten materials. So make sure that you know the right organic wastes to provide for them. Foul odors only lead to two things, your bin is too wet or there’s not much air going in and out of the bin (oxygen should be present in the system to help break down decomposing materials).


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