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Computer Desk

Updated on September 12, 2010

Isn’t a computer desk just a desk that has a computer on it?  Many people might think that answer to that question is yes, but the actual answer is no.  A computer desk is a special kind of desk that has special features specifically designed to store a computer and specifically designed to make using your computer easier.  Computer desks come in many styles and materials so you are sure to be able to find something that will match any home’s décor.  If you need extra storage, there are computer desk units with hutches or credenzas for extras work space and extra storage.  If you do a lot of printing, scanning, or faxing, there are computer desks that have special storage areas and features for those machines as well.  However, some people only use their computers recreationally and they do not need all that extra space.  For those individuals there are smaller units that are just big enough for the computer and the necessary accessories.  No matter how you use your computer, there is a computer desk for you.

Computer Desk Features

Probably the most important feature of a computer desk is that it will have a shelf or cabinet where you store the computer tower.  There are several reasons that it is important to have this shelf or cabinet.  First, both varieties will lift the tower up off of the floor which is good for air circulation.  Your tower will not get overheated as easily if it is lifted up off the floor and air is free to flow around it on all sides.  Second, if the shelf or cabinet is part of the desk, then it will not cut into your leg room.  If you store the tower under a normal desk you will be taking away some of the room under the desk for your legs and feet.  Third, if the tower is in a cabinet or on a shelf in the desk you will be able to avoid running cords along the bottom of the desk to where the tower sits on the ground beside a normal desk or along the desk top for people who store their towers on top of the workspace.  Finally, if the tower is out of sight, the desk just looks nicer.  All of the cords that run to a tower and the noise that it makes are out of the way when it is hidden in a cabinet or on a shelf.

In addition to the tower storage area, you might find storage compartments for other pieces of computer equipment like a scanner, fax machine, or printer.  These computer accessories often look messy on the desk top because pieces of paper fall out of them and they can get easily cluttered.  In addition, these machines can be noisy and it is nice to have them behind a door so that the noise level is less.

With all the pieces of equipment we have discussed so far, you need to deal with their power cords and the wires that connect them all.  A good computer desk will have holes in the top of the desk where you can run wires to the various storage compartments.  This means that there will be no cords running along the desk top, down the sides of the desk and along the floor to the various pieces of equipment.  That eliminates a terrible eye sore as well as a tripping hazard.

Styles of Computer Desks

Some computer desks are small and some are large. If you works from your home, then you will need file storage and a larger amount of work space than is typical for a home office. For an office like this you might look for a computer desk with additional office furniture to match. A computer desk with hutch will give you more shelving and storage compartments for work in progress. A computer desk with credenza will give you additional file storage and work space. There are office units that have all three of these pieces of office furniture connected and matching. This kind of setup is also good if you have multiple people using the computer work space. That way each family member has his or her area for storing various items without disturbing the systems of one another. These setup are also popular in commercial office spaces, not just for home furniture. However, not all families need so much work space. And, many families do not have enough square footage in their homes to accommodate so much furniture.

For these families, there are small computer cart desks.  These computer desks are just large enough for a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to sit on top and they usually have a small shelf for the tower and maybe another shelf for a printer.  There is rarely much leg room and the carts are often on wheels so that you can pull the unit away from the wall when you want to use it.  These desks have the same features as regular sized computer desks, but they are just a bit smaller.  This is the perfect setup for a family that uses their computer recreationally and does not need actual work space by their computer.  Many children use a setup similar to this in their bedrooms due to lack of space.

Computer Desk Materials of Construction

No matter what the décor of your home, you can find a computer desk to match. Modern furniture might be complicated nicely by a glass computer desk. Whereas a more traditionally furnished home might choose wooden furniture. A glass computer desk will be very open, which suits the modern style. Even with all the clever computer storage elements it will be very important to keep things simple and as free of clutter as possible because you can see through everything in a glass desk. You cannot hide any of your wire clutter in a cabinet or down a hole.

If you choose wooden furniture, then choose the type of wood carefully.  Some woods are more beautiful than others, but they are quite expensive.  Other woods are cheaper but not very durable.  A nice compromise is a pine computer desk.  Pine is a nice wood for furniture because it is durable but not too expensive.  It also takes stains very well so you can stain it to match any other furniture you might have in the chosen room.


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      Giyam 4 years ago

      What would you like to know about the schedule? For the most part, we mltosy just did the next thing in the books, but some things were only done on specific days (like Explode the Code, for example, I typically only scheduled to be done 3 days a week instead of 5). As far as the science goes I am still trying to find our right fit' when it comes to science. I have REALLY love RSO (Real Science Odyssey), however, it's far too experiment heavy and takes a lot of prep work and I found myself just putting it aside and never getting back to it. I'd much rather continue to use it as a reference alongside something else, perhaps a little more workbook-y'. My original plan was to use Daily Science from Evan Moor and then just do RSO whenever it happened to align, but I went to a homeschool convention and found the McGraw-Hill science books and REALLY loved them! They are very similar to a science textbook from a public school, to be honest, so it won't appeal to many. I am listing them both for now b/c I am honestly not sure what will be used long-term. I have a feeling the Daily Science will definitely get used, mltosy b/c of it's simplicity (I LOVE simple, lol) and I am HOPING that the McGraw-Hill works well for us too, but it's a wait-and-see' kinda thing at the moment

    • profile image

      Sahyena 4 years ago

      Anytime! Several things were daily items they were alawys done daily, no matter what else takes place. The DAILY books were: Grammar, Spelling, Writing (all from GWG site), Math (Singapore Primary, specifically), and his Geography book (Geography I probably wouldn't normally make a daily thing, BUT he LOVES the book and really wanted to do a page a day, so we did). 3 days a week I assigned Explode the Code. In general, it was done on M, W, F, but if things got moved around, it would change days here and there, but we alawys only did 3 a week. This year he did the entire lesson each day though, whereas the prior year (K), I split the lessons up across the days (so one entire lesson would be done over the course of the 3 days).Science was one of those things that we TRIED to get to on a weekly basis, but it didn't alawys happen. I didn't set a specific day to do those though just went with a do the next thing' approach with it. I think the Daily Science book this year will be a much better fit for us, so Science will be a daily (quick!) lesson this year. He gets a lot of science exposure elsewhere (like classes, etc) so I didn't worry TOO much in the grand scheme of things, but I still want something a little more put together for me For other things, like Life of Fred, Beast Academy (which we actually weren't going to start until THIS coming year, but jumped the gun, lol), and some of the fine arts type things, it was MUCH more random. I had no real set schedule for them TBH. For BA and LoF specifically, it was moreso a hey, can I do a lesson in those today kinda thing. He loves Fred, so he would/could do a couple of lessons' per sitting. Had I actually scheduled it, we likely would be much further along in the series than only book B, lol. I just worried about giving him TOO much work, even if he was asking for it, KWIM? HTH! Feel free to ask any more specifics!

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      Leatherface 4 years ago

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