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Concept behind Innovative PestConsultants

Updated on February 27, 2013

Animals and all other living organisms follow a food chain. In this food chain, they play some important role in nature. Pests like insects, bugs, rodents and spiders have some important purpose, but they become harmful for humankind as they cause health problems and damage our property. We have an obligation to remove these pests from our surroundings and this is the reason we utilize pest control services.

Residential and commercial pest eradication

There are various organizations which support a broad spectrum of services. The companies work in various commercial sectors like healthcare, retail, hospitality services and other commercial areas, providing pest control.

Innovative Pest Consultants offer tailor made services to their customers in order to meet their demands. They treat every customer to be different and try to offer high quality services. In case of multiple services, proper Integrated Pest Control solutions are efficiently delivered.

Innovation behind the success of the company

For almost 30 years, Innovative Pest Consults have maintained a high degree of professionalism in South Australia and New South Wales. Mr Neil Raw, the man behind this business, believes in an effective, affordable and innovative approach to pest control.

The biggest support system of the company is its team members. The expert technicians offer solutions which are future-proof. The company has offers best residential and commercial pest control services, improving their services through research.

The work team passionately believes in working under eco-friendly conditions. The company uses solely non-toxic and organic solutions. They follow specific treatments pertaining to each different type of pest. For example, there are innovative measures for bed bug treatments like detectors, insecticide targets and using patented oxygen depletion systems. For a wide range of pests, heat treatments and GPS tracking systems are used.

The company has various accreditations and qualifications which makes it unique from its competitors. Some of the accreditations are:

Pest Cert Accredited Business

Home Guard Accredited

Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association

Female Friendly accredited Services

Mission and Vision

Eliminate the places where pests feed and breed

Building barriers to prevent pests from entering your home

Maintain a clean and healthy environment

To be the best residential and commercial pest eradication company all over the globe

Why to choose Innovative Pest consultants

Offers comprehensive pest control services right from insects, rodents to bird control

Believes in pest prevention rather than providing only care

Provides consultation and devises curative solutions

Separate approach for residential and commercial pest control services

Technical knowledge is backed by scientific reasoning regarding pests biological nature

Maintains proper security of your property

The company is fully insured and has national license

Business Ethics

Innovative Pest Consultants is a leading residential and commercial pest eradication company, which follows strict code of ethics.

All pest control measures are according to an industry code of ethics and under government regulations

All the services are customer centric

The company promotes trust, transparency and teamwork

They believe in commitment and attend to all customer complaints with full integrity

They strongly believe in the power of communication and this is the reason why they have a strong customer support service department.

They do not believe in hidden costs and intermediary costs. They follow fair trade

They believe in fast and safe approach towards pest infestation.


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