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Consider Local Locksmith When Rekeying Becomes Necessary To Ensure Home Security

Updated on September 15, 2015

Situations When Rekeying Becomes Necessary

When you buy a new house, rent a new apartment, fire an employee from your office or change your cleaning companies you may think yourself of changing your locks. Even if you do get your keys back from your previous owners, occupants, employees or contractors they have had the opportunity to duplicate your keys. Also, you have no way of knowing how many duplicates have been made and who has made duplicate of your keys. So, what to do to keep your important files, cash, home etc safe in all the above situations? There are two options with you- one is of replacing your old locks and other is rekeying (my choice) all your locks.

Advantages of Re-keying Locks by Local Locksmith

  • Less expensive- Replacing your lock is more expensive, invasive and complicated method but getting a lock re keyed is less expensive. A locksmith can rekey your locks for a significantly lower cost than full replacement of the lock.
  • Easy process- In replacing of your locks you need to replace all the locks in your house to lock out the previous key. But in the case of rekeying the locks the locksmith simply disassembles the lock cylinder, discards the old pins and replaces them with ones that fit your new key.
  • Time saving- Replacing all the locks is time wasting but a professional locksmith only takes a few minutes to rekey the locks.
  • Get exact size of the lock – It is possible to get a different size of the lock, when you opt for replacement. Therefore opting to rekey a lock is better since you will get the exact size of your lock.
  • Safe your insurance claim- Today’s home insurance companies also see that who don’t rekey their new home once they moved in. When the claim is made these companies always see the signs forcible entry in the house to ensure that the homeowner was the underlying cause.
  • Only one key- Rekeying allows you the convenience of using the same key on many locks thus saving you from having to keep so many keys.

Locksmith Tools To Protect Hardware


How Re-Keying Is Done By Locksmiths?

"How it gets done is completely up to you. It is a very simple way to build some security in your home and give you the peace of mind knowing you have the only access to it. You'd like to know that your family is safe, your pets are secured, and belongings are safe. It is a simple process and isn't expensive. I do it for 65 and create the keys right in front of you, so you know there is no other copies. Also, for extra security, the key cut design and certain types of pins can be installed to create a pick-resistant lock." As told by Ramon Melamad, Locksmith in Alpharetta.

Consider Only Local Licensed and Insured Locksmith

Find a real locksmith (there are many fake with websites) if you don't know one, ask coworkers or friends and check for his license. A real locksmith you don't need to worry if he know you code because he could pick your lock anyways. If they are honest and have been in the industry awhile then they wont lead you astray and they will keep the cost as low as possible. In todays world, You get what you pay if security is high on your list of priorities then consult with a locksmith.

The Licensed locksmiths are bound with honor and rules they must follow by the state.

Also DIY is fine, just be aware that many exterior door locks sold at some home improvement stores are all keyed alike.


What You Recommend To Do with Locks on Change of Occupancy

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Watch this Video Before Hiring a Locksmith

In today’s internet world you will find many videos that will tell you to how to rekey your lock. But you should call a professional locksmith as the locksmith will point out if there are any deficiencies in your lock system.and only they can tell you better what locks and types of security improvements will keep your family safe and most are happy to help.

Calling a locksmith is a simple, quick and affordable process. So, don’t forget the importance of rekeying as if anything wrong happened in your house or office it will be hard for you to forgive yourself.


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