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Contech Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler

Updated on January 17, 2012

Remember the old movies like the wizard of oz that had the scarecrow trying to scare away the crows from the field? It was pretty actually displaying the issues that farmers and gardeners have been having with their own crops or plants. Birds and other critters like the smell of roses as much as you do. Some even consider them a delicacy and will destroy a swath of plants or vegetables in no time.

So having something in your garden to protect it while you are away will protect it from unwanted intruders. But, you do not want them to get hurt, on the other hand, so it should be done as humanly as possible. That is where the Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler system would be perfect for you.

The Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler is a more modern version of the scare crow, but it packs a lot bit of extra scare into rodents and other animals. It will gentle spray the area with water. The water is sprayed by a sensor when it detects if there are any animals nearby that may be trying to get into your crops. The animals are more apt to run from water, because they do not like to get wet. This is why, the Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler is so effective.

This is one of the most effective ways that I have found in keeping unwanted animals away from my growing garden. It’s gratifying to go into my garden and notice there are a lot more vegetables, fruits and plants that have not been eaten, as a result. Then you can enjoy the fruits of your labor by having a fresh salad or cooking them up in a meal for the family.


1. Scarecrow detects and sprays animals in a 1000-square-foot area day and night

2. Includes sprinkler mount and motion detector

3. Uses only one 9 volt battery

4. Two year full manufactures warranty


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