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Control4 Partners With Amazon Alexa - Everything You Need to Know

Updated on June 8, 2017

One of the main reasons that Control4’s home automation control remains so popular is the level of ease it adds to the lives of luxury home owners.

With the single click of a button, Control4 users can adjust the lights, load their favourite music, draw the shades and adjust their home heating, all from their existing smartphone or tablet device.

Now, Control4 has made it even easier for homeowners to experience the ultimate in luxury by partnering with Amazon’s range of Alexa Voice Service powered devices.

Here, Pro Install AV, the leading certified Control4 dealer in London, explain exactly what the company’s Alexa integration means for your bespoke home automation system.

What is Amazon Alexa?

Alexa is a virtual, voice-activated personal assistant developed by Amazon and widely known for its use in 2017's must-have household gadget, the Amazon Echo.

If you've ever used Siri on your Apple iPhone or iPad, you'll already be familiar with how voice-activated virtual assistants work:

  • Ask it questions - it gives you answers.
  • Ask it to run tasks it's capable of performing - it runs them.

Whether it’s searching the web, automatically ordering products from Amazon’s main online store, playing music, setting alarms or reminders, or any number of other tasks, Alexa can do it all, simply by asking it to verbally.

How is Alexa / Echo Used with Control4 Home Automation Systems?

In its most basic sense, Alexa creates an opportunity for hands-free home control, replacing the need to use your iPad, smartphone, or dedicated Control4 home automation control device.

Simply walk through the door and ask Alexa to load one of your pre-set lighting scenes or carry out a whole multitude of other tasks.

What Can Alexa Control?

Whether it’s turning up the lights and turning on your favourite Internet radio station when you arrive home, loading your favourite movies and streaming Spotify through your multi-room audio system, or even controlling your home security installation, anything smart technology your London Control4 dealer installed for you can be used via Alexa.

Why Use Alexa with Control4?

By far the biggest benefit of using Amazon’s voice-activated smart system is that it is even easier than using your current touch screen technology.

When you get home after a long day, you want the lights, sights,and sounds you love to greet you in an instant, without you first having to rummage around in your bag or pockets to find your iPhone and load the app.

Just say “Alexa, load welcome” instead, and all that is done for you.

When your hands are full cooking dinner, you’d prefer not to have to drop everything to turn on the appliances, get the right lights loaded and the music playing. You’d much rather just say “Alexa, load cooking,” and have Control4 automate everything for you.

You can do that too.

What we’re getting at here, is that with Control4 and Alexa, what you really have is the next generation of home automation., and a way to truly experience the very best in smart home technology literally without lifting a finger.

What Products Are Required to Use Control4 With Alexa?

Announcing the new partnership on their website, Control4 insist that all you'll need is a Control4 Smart Home Skill and Control4 4Sight license, along with an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Tap.

Amazon's Fire TV with voice remote (currently around £40) is also compatible.


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