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Drill Adapter Conversion Chuck for Impact Drivers

Updated on June 2, 2014
Neiko Heavy-Duty 3/8" Conversion Chuck for Impact Drivers - Quick Change Shank - 1/2" Adapter for Impact Wrench
Neiko Heavy-Duty 3/8" Conversion Chuck for Impact Drivers - Quick Change Shank - 1/2" Adapter for Impact Wrench

Conversion Chuck for Impact Drivers

Did you know that you can convert your impact driver into standard drill?

About two years ago my wife bought me a DeWALT DW059K-2 18-Volt Ni-Cad 1/2-inch Cordless Impact Wrench for my birthday. It is one of the best gifts a girl could give a guy. It sure has made my life a lot easier.

When ever I need to work on nuts or bolts that do not want to come loose, I just bust out my DeWalt cordless impact wrench and I can normally break them free without having to get out a breaker bar. It can also speed up the removal of nut and bolts that would take forever with a conventional wrench.

Even though it is one of the best tools I have ever had, the impact wrench still had it's short comings. It could yank a nut or bold off in a heart beat, but it couldn't drill.

What I needed was an impact wrench converter. A tool that would convert my wrench into a drill. That way I could have the best of both worlds. A Quick Connect Impact Driver Conversion Chuck would make my beautiful DeWalt impact wrench complete. Don't ya think?

Here it is, I have this impact wrench that looks like a battery operated drill, but it couldn't drill a round hole in warm butter.

If I needed to drill a into anything, I would have to set down my impact wrench and drag out the old black and decker drill. Not only that, but I would have to pull out the extension cord so that I could plug it up. That was a pain.

On many occasion, I wished that my impact wrench could double as a drill. All I had to do was find a 1/2 " adapter and a drill chuck to fit it. Little did I know, They already made such a critter.

This impact wrench to drill adapter is a very well made tool. The chuck itself is heavy duty and the key is large enough that you can get a good hold on it to tighten down the bit.

The good side? If I need to drill a whole, even in metal, all I need to do is attach this little adapter and off I go. With the impact wrench as the drill, it had the added effect of having a mini hammer drill effect.

The down side? There is a bit of play where the chuck fits into the adapter. If you start to drill before the bit is touching the drill surface, you are not going to hit the mark. So make sure the drill bit is on the mark before you power it up.

Other than that, the Neiko Heavy-Duty 3/8" Conversion Chuck for an Impact Driver - Impact Wrench is a tool that I am very happy with. If you have an impact wrench and would like it to double as a drill, this adapter is a must have.

Come to find out, the Neiko Heavy-Duty 3/8" Conversion Chuck for Impact Drivers - Quick Change Shank - 1/2" Adapter for Impact Wrench does exactly what I was looking for.

You take any half inch impact wrench (not recommended for pneumatic tools) slap the half inch adapter onto the impact wrench, slip in the chuck and drill bit, crank it down and you are ready to drill.


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