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Cool Kitchen Gadgets: Make Your Own Soda Quickly and Easily with Soda-Club

Updated on October 31, 2007

Looking for the perfect gadget for the food and cooking enthusiast in your life who has just about every cookbook and kitchen gadget in existence? I thought I had one of every small kitchen appliance known to man, but I recently received a new one that I had never even heard of before! Speaking as a true kitchen gadget junkie, I can attest that you will very likely bring a smile to the faces of the foodies on your special occasion or holiday shopping lists with the gift of a home soda maker from Soda-Club.

When I received my Soda-Club, I have to admit I was skeptical about what it could do. However, as with most people who love all types of gadgets, I was intrigued enough to drop what I was doing and figure out just what my brand new kitchen "toy" could do. After getting sprayed with carbonated water on my first attempt to create my own soda, I decided to read the directions. I was pleasantly surprised to find just how easy the process really is.

With nothing more than cold tap water and my choice of the many different flavorings that arrived with my home soda maker, I can create tasty home soda in just a few seconds. The device is really small, taking up about as much space on the counter as my automatic coffee maker. It doesn't even need electricity or batteries. You just fill up the special, re-usable carbonating bottle that comes with the soda maker, attach it to the machine, and push a button to carbonate the water. It's fun to watch, and easy to do!

One of the great features is that the user can control just how carbonated the soda is. So, if you have household members who like things really fizzy, they can go for extra-carbonation. If you have those who don't care for much fizz, they can make their own slightly carbonated soda.

On my first attempt, I made diet root beer, which is still my favorite flavor. I was very pleased to note that the Soda-Club diet drink flavorings are sweetened with Splenda, because I love diet soda but cannot consume anything that contains phenylalanine. There are a ton of other diet and regular flavors, including: apple-peach, cream soda, cola, ginger ale, grape, cranberry-raspberry, orange-mango, pink grapefruit, and many others.

If you're looking for a unique gift idea for the food and cooking guru in your life who has just about everything, this Soda-Club goodie might be just what you are looking for! I am certainly enjoying my newest kitchen gadget.


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