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Corner Linen Cabinets - Storage Cabinets For Your Bathroom

Updated on February 28, 2013

Corner Linen Cabinets - Making Space in Your Bathroom

We've all got that small bathroom that just doesn't seem to have enough storage space for all the things that your family needs. Whether a small bathroom is all you've got to work with, or you need some extra space in the spare bathroom on the other end of the house, freeing up some storage space in the bathroom is something almost everyone needs. Here we take a look at the some of the options for one very popular way to solve this problem: corner linen cabinets.

Types and Finishes of Linen Cabinets

There are other storage solutions for small bathrooms like over the toilet storage cabinets and spacesavers that sit over the toilet, but a corner linen cabinet is probably the most esthetic solution.

There is a wide range of options to purchase for your corner linen cabinet. They come painted in traditional colors. White is the most popular, but black is commonly seen as well. Of course, the traditional wood finishes are often uses, with fir, walnut, and oak being used most often. For a less formal setting wicker is sometimes used, in either a natural finish or painted. And there are some contemporary designs that are making use of metal finishes.

For the actual storage, you obviously need shelving. You can find them open, or only some open, with the others covered by either solid doors or doors with windows. Some linen cabinets have drawers in spots instead of shelves, which is an option to be sure you consider. They can be found in sizes up to six feet in height, or simple half height units.

Popular styles include modern, french country, and a traditional country look. Some more common brand names of linen cabinets include Hampton Bay, Dexter, Kyoto, Craftsman, and IKEA. Prices start under one hundred dollars and go up to several hundred dollars. Linen cabinets are often shipped as partially assembled units, so ordering online is easy to do and you get a great selection.

Corner linen cabinets are great solution to the small bathroom storage problem. They provide useful space, and add a great touch to the decor of your room.

What's your favorite small bathroom storage solution?

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    • profile image

      Taylor Alan 5 years ago

      Last week I decided to set up corner cabinet to storage a all small collectives your hub is such a useful for me to find the right and innovative design of cabinets...Thanks


      Antique corner china cabinets :-

    • profile image

      Over Toilet Storage 7 years ago

      Tough to find space in such a small area, thanks for the tips.