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CoverMate Food Covers

Updated on March 13, 2011

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to cover bowls, casserole dishes, serving bowls or trays? Finding the right covering for party trays, dough that needs to rise, plates of food, serving dishes and other containers of food can sometimes be a challenge. CoverMate plastic food covers can be an excellent – and easy – option.

Challenges with Covering Food Containers

While some cookware, food serving pieces and storage containers come with lids, this is not always the case. Serving trays, for example, don’t typically come with lids. Additionally, lids can get lost or damaged over time. It’s likely that you don’t even have lids for all of the pieces in your kitchenware collection that did include lids when you first acquired them.

Of course, even when lids are available, they’re not always the fastest or best covering solution for every situation. If lids aren’t available or if they won’t meet your needs, what is there to do? Sure, plastic wrap and aluminum foil are options – but using them can be a hassle and generates waste with every use. That’s not the case with CoverMate plastic food container covers. They are easy to use and can be used over and over.

About CoverMate Food Covers

If you’re frustrated with searching for appropriate lids, tired of trying to stretch plastic wrap over the top of containers without it sticking to itself and don’t want to waste aluminum foil to cover serving pieces or storage containers, you’ll be really excited to discover CoverMate plastic food covers. These handy covers offer a low-cost, affordable and reusable option for covering food containers in a wide range of sizes.

CoverMate food covers kind of look like shower caps. They are made from durable clear plastic (like thick plastic wrap without the sticky mess) and have elastic around the bottom. They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to extra large. To use one, simply place the best size for the container you need to cover over the top. The elastic will cling to the sides of the container, providing protection for the food.

While these types of covers don’t form an airtight seal like snap-on lids, they are an excellent option for protecting dinner plates set aside for family members who are working late, covering bowls of washed produce and keeping bowls of hips or cheese and cracker trays from going stale between the time you prepare them and sever them.

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Finding CoverMate Covers

CoverMate covers are available at many supermarkets and mass merchandisers. They can also be ordered from and other online retailers.

Acknowledgement: Thank you to CoverMate for providing me with an opportunity to review this product.


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  • Becky Puetz profile image

    Becky 7 years ago from Oklahoma

    I use these sometimes,when the item doesn't need an airtight lid. Excellent review of this product. Thanks for an awesome hub.