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Create a Cozy Space With a Wall Mounted Smokeless Fireplace

Updated on October 28, 2016

The Cozy Room and Wall Mounted Smokeless Fireplaces

The actual "need" for a real wood burning fireplace is passe these days. Even though there is a certain quaint warmth and rustic feel to having a real fireplace some homeowners are choosing another alternative. That alternative is the wall mounted fire place.Wall mounted smokeless fireplaces are basically more of a decorative element but since they do give off heat through electricity or gel fuel they can also be somewhat functional.

This is the ideal solution for a homeowner who wants to create a cozy, warm ambiance in a room but does not want the hassle and cleanup of a real fireplace. Some homeowners are actually bricking up their real ones to add this form of functional and beautiful "wall art" to their home decor. They are a great solution to the real thing and can add that romantic feel and environment when you want it with the touch of a button or even via remote control.

These are even great for spending some time alone with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. The sounds of a real fire can lull you to sleep and provide you with a way to relax after a long, hard day. You can read more details about modern wall mounted smokeless fireplaces online.

Models, Brands and Types Oh My!

Wall mounted fireplaces come in various shapes, sizes and types. Some are like a flat screen TV while others are more ornate with decorative framing. They do not require real wood or a vent, They are safe and clean.

Examples of Brands, Models and Types

Dimplex Sahara RWF-DG Wall Mounted Stove

SEI Stainless and Glass Wall Mount Gel Fuel Fireplace FA5812

The lack of cleanup and the ability to create that special ambiance in a room are the two top appealing points of this kind of fire place. You can get the full scoop about wall mount smokeless fireplaces by reading online and comparison shop at online venues like Amazon.


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