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Creating a great atmosphere in your home

Updated on September 21, 2014

Step One: Maximize and utilize wasted space

Gradually your home can become virtually unusable because of the clutter that builds up so easily and takes over. Removing the accumulation of unnecessary items around your house can be a daunting task . First, Identify in each room of your home those items actually being used. Determine which items need to be easily accessed. Begin by creating practical storage within those rooms such as shelves, baskets, and drawers for those items. Clear away as much room as possible to begin organizing. Keep a box handy for items you no longer need and would like to donate or sell. Keep a garbage bag handy for items that are not worth selling or donating and need to go straight to the dump. It's amazing how much more space you can create just by deleting unwanted or unused items. Also, keep a box handy for those items which you are not using often enough and need to put in storage.

Lemon Fresh Clean


Step Two: A clean home is a beautiful home

Keeping your home dust-free and clean can be quite a challenge. Overuse of chemicals can be just as bad. Cleaning regularly does lift the spirits and can even benefit those struggling with depression. Simple tasks such as making your bed and washing the dishes throughout the day instead of letting them build up are a part of making your home beautiful. Even more inviting than a home that is well-decorated and clutter-free is a home that smells and looks clean. As well a home that is suffocating you with cleanliness can keep people from feeling comfortable and welcome, especially your own family members. Being realistic about where things are kept and how much time needs to be spent cleaning can help you feel in control of your home. A quick clean on a regular basis is usually enough to keep your home from becoming stinky and gross. Strong chemicals need only be used occasionally for tough stains and only in well-ventilated areas. Using natural ingredients or even just water can be just as effective for every day use and will not harm your family or the environment.

Step Three: Personalize your home

Your home does not need to look like the cover of "Better Homes and Gardens" to be captivating and vibrant. Filling your home with personal touches creates a more inviting atmosphere for those who visit and live in the home. In every area of your home there should be bits and pieces of each family member. Photos, certificates, collectables can collectively tell a story about your family and brings life to an otherwise dull room. Make room for the new and current pictures, drawings, and accomplishments. Decorating with many colors can cause a place to look cluttered and be overwhelming. Choose two main colors, a lighter and darker tone pairs best, and add spurts of color with those more personal items such as books, trophies, etc. No matter what your color preference or personal style you choose let your home become a masterpiece of who you are, not just some showpiece from a magazine!


Does your home define who you want to be? Finding a balance between clean and cluttered can be difficult

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