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Parade of homes; a few of our favorite designs

Updated on April 9, 2011

More stunning homes can be found at:

The following three examples are homes of rare elegance, functionality and stunning beauty. The typify some of the best work that Perth builders are capable of and are simply breathtaking in their scope and design. These luxurious homes are simply breathtaking and a delight to the senses.

The Hillview Manor


This modern manor has every thing you could possible want in a home.  Including a private courtyard, two kitchens, a two car garage, an office, a master suite and stunning stone work.  The upper floor features three additional bedrooms, a sitting room and a balcony as well.   One of the most extraordinary aspects of this home is its ability to be both classic and cutting edge all at once. 

Casa Del Sorrento


This MBA award winning home was designed and built by Seacrest.  Definitively upscale; this home features Mediterranean styled exterior features, a magnificent staircase, triple garage, a guest wing, five bedrooms, a masterfully appointed suite, a home theater and a kitchen designed for a chef.  This home is truly architectural fusion at its finest; somehow combining elements of interior and exterior design from all over the world into one spectacular residence. 

Dupont Ave


To say that this home epitomizes modern architectural design and luxury is an understatement.  In fact, it’s hard to find the words to describe its otherworldly exterior; this is the kind of home that you must simply see for yourself.  All manner of modern appointment can be found in the interior of the home, and there’s virtually nothing more that anyone could possibly want from a living space than what is delivered here.  If you want a home that says; “I live boldly, according to my own rules”, then this is surely your ideal place of residence. 

More stunning homes can be found at:


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