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DEWALT DCK280C2 20-Volt Max Li-Ion 1.5 Ah Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit Review

Updated on September 12, 2014

It is through research and development that tools became available. The innovation made on all tools is done to help buyers and users have efficient items that can better help in ensuring a professional work. Dewalt is one of the brands of power tools that are continuing its journey to provide consumers with only the best of products. It is also among the brands that develop and produce combi kit for the convenience of buyers. Combi tools are regarded as products that let buyers save cost.

Compared to individual products, buying a combi kit truly makes saving more money possible. Consumers are not on the loss side since such tools are still designed to provide quality performance and deliver the same level of efficiency. That is what you can expect from this DEWALT DCK280C2 combi kit. You will learn more about the efficiency of the tool and how it is as a product in this DEWALT DCK280C2 review.

DEWALT DCK280C2 Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit as an Efficient Tool

Combo tools like DEWALT DCK280C2 are now the leading choice for so many contractors. It comes with several great features, enabling contractors to perform both driving and drilling works by using just a single tool. Its efficiency is more than what you will like about it. As a tool, this DEWALT combo kit is designed to be lightweight and compact. This enables the tool to fit in tight areas with ease. It features a high-speed transmission that can deliver 2 speeds, from zero to 600 and zero to 2,000 rpm. The speed made it possible for the tool to be used in a range of drilling and fastening applications. Its handle is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort of the user and give them better control when using it.

This DEWALT combo kit features a half inch ratcheting chuck, 3 LED lights and quarter inch hex chuck. It has the ability to produce a maximum of 3200 impacts every second and torque of about 117 foot per pounds. The half inch ratcheting chuck is designed to provide a superior bit-gripping strength. The featured 3 LED lights come with a 20-second delay following the release of the trigger. It enables excellent visibility with no presence of shadows. The quarter inch hex chuck, which can be loaded single-handedly, can accept an inch of bit tips. Everything about this DEWALT cordless tool is made ergonomically, including its charger which is Energy Star qualified.

2 Aspects that Made DEWALT DCK280C2 a Great Combi Tool

DEWALT DCK280C2 is made to provide steel stud framers, cabinet makers, plumbers and contractors with an efficient 2-in-one tool that allows them to use it for several applications. The combi tool is designed in this way while making sure that it has strength in size and is durable and easy to use. These are the 2 most aspects that make the tool one of the greatest products in the market.

  • · Strength in Size

Both of the tools used in the combi kit are designed to withstand daily wear and tear. It compactness along with its 2-speed transmission enable users to choose the suitable speed for certain tasks to be done. This drill/driver is now recognized as among the fastest, which is due to its 30% quickness than what is available in the market. Its high-power and high-efficiency motor enables it to deliver superior performance, both in light and medium types of applications.

Longer life for the tool is made possible because of the carbide inserts included in its design. This allows better and stronger grip, which helps in preventing slipping during applications. The team that engineered and designed the combi kit did not forget about the maneuverability of the tool. Thus, no matter how tight the area in which it is to be used, it can still be maneuvered with ease.

  • · Durability and Ease of Use

Durability and longevity are among the aspects that the engineering and designing team ensured for the tool to be capable of. They made it possible by integrating their Dewalt-designed electronics. Maximum life of the tool as well as batteries is enabled through protecting the product from overloading, deep discharge and overheating while being used. Its featured 20-volt lithium-ion batteries are designed to have 35% more runtime. The ergonomic handle of the tool also adds to the longevity and ease of use of DEWALT DCK280C2. Users do not need to squint while working due to lack of light since it has 3 LED lights that can improve visibility in the workplace.

The Best Features of DEWALT DCK280C2

There are several more reasons that made DEWALT combo kit a great product. These are:

  • · Compact and Lightweight – Its ergonomic and compact design made it possible for the combi kit to perform its purpose with ease, even in tough materials. Yes, working with any type of metals might be hard, but that would not be the case with this tool.
  • · Power and its 2-Speed Transmission – Just considering its 117 ft/lbs maximum torque capability can give you an idea of how powerful the tool is. Its 2 speeds help make the tool a nice partner when working on any project and materials. The varying speed level of the tool allows you to use it in materials with different hardness levels. Use the zero to 600 speed on soft surfaces and the zero to 2000 speed on much harder materials.
  • · Cordless Feature – DEWALT DCK280C2 is a powerful cordless driver/drill. It delivers flexibility, which comes very useful when needed. Using or moving the tool would not be a problem since it can be done with ease due to its cordless feature. Thus, there is no hassle, leaving you doing what you plan with it. When it is used in its cordless mode, the power that makes it run comes from its internal battery. Thus, it leaves you equipped with an efficient driver/drill tool wherever you go. And even if the area you are in has low power supply, you can still work on your task without worrying.

With DEWALT DCK280C2 as your working partner, you never have to worry about anything. It is installed and designed with every safety feature. Efficiency, power and ease of use are featured in the tool. Therefore, when it comes to DEWALT DCK280C2, there is nothing that you could ask for anymore.


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