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DIY Light Bulb Vase

Updated on February 26, 2013

Not many would think of recycling light bulbs and turning them into something that can actually be used as home decor... Here, I will show you how to turn a light bulb into an artistic vase that will look great with any decor!


  • One burnt out/used basic home light bulb
  • Pliers
  • Paper towel or paper to work over
  • Tissue (toilet paper is fine)
  • Small Screw Driver
  • Twine or basic wire

Recycling light bulbs can become a new found love in the crafting world! Making a vase from old light bulbs not only looks unique and pleasing to the eye, but they can be used for multiple occasions! From decorating your office or home, sprucing up your garden or patio or even making fun baby shower and wedding favor gifts! See below for fun ideas to try out!

Step One:

You will first want to remove the brass/silver disk seen on the base of the bulb. Use pliers and gently bend it till it becomes loose and remove it.

Step Two:

Carefully crack the black ring. Be careful as these pieces can be quite sharp. Remove it completely and toss in the trash.

Step Three:

Once removed, you will be able to see the "guts" of the light bulb. Gently take your screw drive and crack the glass tube on the inside of the bulb. You will hear it when you have removed it and will be able to shake it out. Make sure to get all the pieces out.

Step Four:

When the bulb is completely gutted, take some tissue and gently wipe out the inside removing the dust. Keep this away from your eyes and mouth. You can also use hot water to rinse it clean, which I have found to be easier and less messy.

Step Five:

Once you have a cleaned out bulb and its cleaned out well, take your wire (or any choice of thread) and tie it around the silver base of the bulb creating a loop so it can be hung. You can also use old bottle caps as stands to glue at the base and use it on table tops. Viola!

Fill it with water, add flowers, hang and enjoy! :)

Fun Ideas!

  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Wedding Centerpieces
  • Tiny Teraiums
  • Starter Pots (for small flowers/plants)
  • Light Bulb Trees
  • Oil Lamps
  • Salt/Pepper/Season Shakers

See here for more ideas! :


Always use caution when working with any thin glass. Light bulbs are very fragile and should be handled with care. Do not let children gut the light bulbs. Children can decorate them after they are gutted, but be sure to supervise to avoid broken glass and boo-boos!

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