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DIY Basement Remodeling

Updated on November 7, 2011
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Planning Basement Remodeling

Careful planning to remodel the available space in the basement of your house can add to the living space that you have for use. You would of course need to check up on any local building codes, as there may be some restrictions for the usage. Basements can include recreation spaces, bedrooms and can even spring to an extra bathroom for the house if you are able to tackle the plumbing and drainage requirements that such remodeling can bring. Basement remodeling DIY can save you a lot of money. It can also allow you to do things at leisure, probably even involving other members of the family, so that there is complete commitment of the family to the additional space that is being created for their usage.

The first thing to do if you want to remodel is to have a well thought out plan on what use you intend to put the remodeled basement to. For this, it is important that you make a thorough evaluation of the basement as it is. Include all equipment like boilers, pumps, furnaces or other items and do not forget to trace all the piping, electrical layouts as they exist. You may have to work around this for your remodeling, unless you are intending to shift these things and give yourself more flexibility.

Problems in Remodeling

Another thing that requires to be properly tackled in remodeling of a basement is the moisture or dampness problems that most basements would have. For this you may need to consider better air circulation by introducing windows if possible. Installing proper automatic sump pumps to drain water coming into the basement is also a must, as would a floor drain to trap the water before it comes into the basement. If you are planning an extra bathroom or water connection, you may have to consider a pump-up system for the drainage. If you are able to install windows, this would automatically improve lighting in the basement. Alternative means to improve lighting through light pipes can also be considered to bring in natural daylight.

Remodeled Basement
Remodeled Basement | Source

Basement Remodeling DIY

Once you have decided on what you are going to use your basement for and have properly planned for it, get down to getting in the materials that you need for the walls. Drywall is preferred because of the ease of installation. You need to allow for wall thicknesses in your plan, as otherwise you may have difficulty in fitting in the furniture that you are going to use for your home theater, pool table, living or sleeping space. You may even need to keep this wall away from the basement outer walls to allow for the utilities to run behind them. Ceilings for your remodeled basement spaces may require to remain untouched, because of probable height restrictions, but with the alternatives available for decoration, this ceiling can be made to look as glamorous as you need. Plan for all electrical outlets in advance and do the wiring for this before you start the walls. The same goes for any plumbing, air-conditioning or heating. Once the walls are in you can proceed to the next step of doing up the flooring with tiles, wooden flooring or plain simple carpets. Then of course comes the painting. Involve everyone in this as it is fun to do. You can also consider using wall paper.

Now that you have your remodeled basement DIY job complete, move in the furniture, home theater equipment, or pool table. Call in friends and neighbors and have a party.


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