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DIY Basic Tool Kit List

Updated on March 16, 2011


Do It Yourself....Those three little words can strike fear into anyone who hasn't performed much diy before,but it does not need too,most little jobs can be performed around the home without a huge amount of knowledge required, as long as your sensible and don't take on a job that's too big or needs specialist equipment or skills then you should be OK.

What you will need though to start off with is a good toolkit,every good home should have one regardless of if you intend to do diy or not, because at some point in your life you will have too,if not you then your loved one will.A good toolkit is what every home should have and believe me it doesn't have to cost the earth either although that being said it is worthwhile buying quality.Most people are going to need a hammer or screwdriver from time to time and its worth accumulating these as you go.Below i am going to list most of the tools you need to start out with to make a basic home toolkit.



You should invest in a decent toolbox to start with so you have somewhere to store all your tools.It needs to be sturdy and have plenty of space for your growing collection as well as possibly having a lock if you have kids running around.


A good set of screwdrivers are probably the best thing to start out with and are used on most jobs around the home, you need a good selection of flat or slot headed screwdrivers as well as some cross headed ones.Buy qaulity if you can as this will prevent you from having to replace them.


To start your basic toolkit you are only going to need one hammer really as the different kind of hammers are only going to be required if you are doing more professional jobs.You are going to need a claw hammer which is used for hammer nails in and pulling them out.Stanley produce some of the best models.

Adjustable wrench/spanner

Perfect for your beginner toolkit, an adjustable wrench/spanner is ideal as it can adjust to different sizes meaning you don't have to go and buy a set of 20 odd wrenches/spanners for different jobs.Buy a good quality one as they can seize up if they are poor quality

Vice Grips

A great tool for gripping all sorts of objects with size adjustable jaws it is perfect for gripping nuts and other such fittings.Again get a good one as you don't want the teeth slipping or it coming undone as you are gripping something.

Cordless power tools

There are many many cordless power tools available but the only one you will need for your beginners home toolkit is a power drill.Buy the best one you can afford as if you skimp here the power will be weak and the battery will take hours to charge and not last very long.Used for drilling small holes for screws etc to drilling much larger holes for many uses.Black and decker are amongst the best.


How many times over your lifetime have you found yourself needing a torch and not having one,for me its been at least 20 times,do yourself a favour buy a good one and know where it is.

The basics

These tools i have mentioned are just the basics but are required for virtually any home diy project and will last a lifetime if you look after them.Now you have your kit prepared get on with it!!!.


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