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DIY - How to Build a Rustic Barnwood Potting Bench

Updated on August 1, 2012

You Can Build A Potting Bench Like This, Yourself!

Close up of end of workbench
Close up of end of workbench | Source

Potting Bench/Work Bench with tools on top of it

Potting bench under construction
Potting bench under construction | Source

Build this Potting Bench out of Reclaimed Barnwood

Save Money and trees when you build a rustic potting bench like this out of reclaimed barnwood or other materials that you have that are not being used.

The photo on the right shows a rustic simple potting bench. But there is much more to this bench than you see at first.

Find out all about it as you discover how you can build a rustic potting bench like this one, yourself for very little money, if you use recycled materials that you have on hand.

At first it looks old. The reason for that is because of the building materials that were used to build it. This potting bench was built from reclaimed antique Kentucky barnwood. That means that it is made from old wood, but by building this bench the barnwood is being repurposed into a new potting bench. So it is a green project. The wood used is oak. And old oak barnwood is very heavy and durable as long as it is not rotted.

We have a good supply of recaimed barnwood on hand because we removed a few barns a few years ago, from other peoples property. This was done to reuse the wood for projects such as building a garden shed. The shed is just getting started, but the barnwood has been used on other projects too.Find out more about how to use old barnwood at the link below


Using Reclaimed Barnwood for Projects

This bench could be built out of any wood that you want to use. But if it is going to be used for a potting bench it will be getting dirty. So if you have some unused wood just stacked in a corner somewhere you will save money by repurposing it into a usable item such as this bench. And you would be saving some trees.

We enjoy the rustic look of the barnwood and actually have plans for placing this potting bench inside the garden shed that is being built after the project is complete. It will then be used as a workbench. At this point it is being used as a potting bench/ work bench combination

The bench works out great as a work space for tools and saws for cutting wood for the shed project. In essence, it is a time saver, and back saver for the shed construction. The design will be altered and have storage above it once it is installed in the shed.

This bench was built to fit inside the shed door easily once the shed is ready for it. It is 2ft wide by 8ft 4 inches long. 32 inches tall. You can built it to the size needed for your space.

Lumber used is all 2x4 and 1 inch random width barnwood.

The photo shown above is a view while the bench is under construction. Leg braces are used on both ends.

If you build a bench like this and plan on leaving it outdoors I recommend adding polyurethane to protect it from the weather.

If you build it out of pressure treated lumber that is not necessary, although it would provide extra protection from the weather.

Of course there are other options for potting benches that include shelves and hooks, and those options can be added to a design like this to make it more functional. Or if you choose to purchase a potting bench instead, check out the links below.



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    • RentedMule profile image

      RentedMule 6 years ago from Lexington Kentucky

      Actually, I don't much about the barns history, other than it was old and no longer used as a barn when the new owners of the property wanted it removed. They actually were considering burning it down! That would simply be wrong. So we responded to an ad and agreed to remove the barn. I can tell you it has a bright future, the wood from the barn is going to be used to build a wonderful garden shed and workshop on our property this year. And we have built other great items out of it too. I will be sharing those stories on Hubpages too. So we rescued it, you might say, and it will live long repurposed as a very "wanted" garden shed for me to enjoy and a work shop for my husband to enjoy too.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Okay, now I'm jealous. ;)

      Oh, if that wood could talk! I'm guessing you could write many hubs about the time and place the barn was built.

      What a wonderful project! Thank you for sharing!