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Simply Awesome DIY Home Decor Ideas

Updated on June 22, 2017

We all want a beautiful home but sometimes get the 'decorator's block.' Home decoration is a necessary requirement for homeowners who love style and beauty in their living space. Who does not want a classy home that visitors react with a 'wow' every time that they come in? You need the following tips to personalize the interior of your house and make it magnificent. Do not worry about the budget involved, these home decor suggestions are simple and adaptable. They are fit for the peasant to the bourgeoisie, the only difference will be in the magnitude of the type of decorations and materials involved. If you have the means to do it in a larger, way so be it.

Decorating Inside the House

Preliminary Remarks

Home decoration entails inserting additional details in your house to increase its attractiveness. Perhaps you have already done your interior decoration, but you have realized that it is time for a change. Changing the appearance of your living space is good for the mind. It is monotonous to have a house that looks the same year in year out. Perhaps you are starting out and you moved into your new house which is looking plain and unattractive. These home decor ideas will perk up your creativity and you will realize that you do not have to hire external labor to do every decoration in your interior rooms. Furthermore, you can apply the house decoration tips that you deem fit for specific rooms in your house.

Consider the following aspects of your house when choosing the type of decoration for specific rooms.

  1. Shape of the room
  2. Size of the room
  3. Position of the room in relation to natural light
  4. Purpose of the room
  5. Occupants of the house. For example, for a house with little children crawling around or playing, you will need to make their safety a priority.
  6. Your personal taste and preferences. It is your house so do what you feel is the best for you and not what your friend or the popular media wants.

These are interior decorating tips to give you ideas, they are not rules that must be followed. The major idea that is propounded by this article is to personalize your home decor. Let your decor speak for you. Make your house cozy and comfortable for you first then, your visitors later.

Keep reading to find out more about the home decor ideas that you can implement on your own. Well, you might need to go and do some shopping!

Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds serve an important decorative function by improving the appearance of color of your doors, windows and walls. Try matching the color of your curtain to your floor, seats or ceiling. If you are bold enough you could go for color’s that clash such as blue and yellow, red and blue. Change your curtains or blinds as much as you like depending with the type of material to keep your house looking jovial. If you live in apartments or a building that faces other buildings, curtains and blinds also block peeping toms and criminals from gazing into your house.


Strategically place pieces of old fashioned furniture, items such as grandfather clocks, weighing scales and other items which look like they were used centuries ago.

Go back to the days of yore but be careful not to overdo it lest your house becomes a museum.

Wall Papers

Perk up your walls by adding some color and patterns on it by using wallpapers. You can find them in stores in a variety of colors and materials. Your teenage child might like a wallpaper of favorite comic characters. You could put a strip of wallpaper decorated with pictures of flowers or fruits, in the middle of the walls in the kitchen or dining area. Another alternative of decorating your walls using paper is sticking handmade paper items such as the one shown above of butterflies on the wall. The advantage of using wallpaper to decorate your home is that it is temporary and can be replaced easily.

Sculptures and Figurines

You can find them in various materials such as ceramics, clay, wood, plastic or fabric, hence, you can buy your preferred type of sculpture. For interior house decoration, tiny sculptures work better than life-size sculptures. Apart from sculpted figures of people, animals or fictional characters, you can use puppets, dolls, teddy bears decorative jewelry, bowls, pots, medals and toys.

You can place them on surfaces such as the shelves or tables. The importance of figurines and sculptures is their artistic value and ability to attract the wandering eyes of your guests.

Paintings and Photos

Do away with the dullness of plain walls by decorating them with paintings or drawings and photo frames. Depending on how they are made, you can hang or glue them on the wall or rest them on a surface. To ensure the best effect, choose colors that go well with the general color scheme of your house. Keep in mind the type of image for each room so that you do not end up with beautiful art work of fruits and vegetables in the toilet.

Lighting Fixtures


The easiest way to use light to decorate your home is by using candles or colourful lights instead of the usual white light of bulbs. You can enhance the beauty of your home significantly by using chandeliers, lamps and lampshades. There are numerous types of lighting fixtures to choose from out there in the market so you are bound to find those that are suitable for your house.

Natural Decor

Nature has provided us with all that you need to boost the appearance of your home. Flowers, animals, sea shells, rocks and a variety of other products of nature can be used creatively for home décor. Flowers are the first gifts that Mother Nature has provided. Flowers give your house a natural sweet smelling scent and they are also pleasant to look at. A few ideas to consider are; aquariums, fish bowls, potted plants and even artificial imitations of natural things.


Vases are necessary items for home décor enthusiasts because of their diversity of uses including holding flowers and plants. You could opt for cute and large vases which can stand on their own as decorations. Small vases are good for placing fresh flowers and resting on table surfaces.

Cabinets and cupboards

Cup boards and cabinets act as god decorative pieces when they are made in quality designs. Book shelves are included in this group. You may use cabinet as the surfaces for placing your sculptures, photos, medals and paintings instead of tables.


The major benefit of mirrors as decorative items is giving the illusion of grandiosity. Your house will look bigger than it really is if you place a full-length wide mirror in a position that reflects the entire room.


Carpets can be put on the floor or on the wall. Wall carpets are usually lighter and smaller than floor carpets. You may include door mats, bed mats and bathroom mats in this category.

Cushions and pillows

Cushions are a nice addition to the beauty of your couch or bed especially when they are balanced with the color of your seats or curtains. You can find them in various designs, sizes and shapes for the bedroom and sitting room.


Your house will appear bare if it lacks a few modern gadgets to improve its decor. Your television and music system are not solely entertainment devices, they can also have a crucial decorative function. Other devices include modern clocks, switch plates, handsome air conditioners, and digital art frames.

After going through this list of simply awesome home decor ideas, you can confidently seek the type of decoration that you think is suitable for your house. These decoration tips have probably sparked your imagination concerning decorative items that you can put on your own.


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