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DIY - How to Decorate your Garden with Wrought Iron

Updated on August 1, 2012

Wrought Iron Support for Climbing Roses

Climbing roses need a good support in order to show off their blooms properly
Climbing roses need a good support in order to show off their blooms properly | Source

Why You should use Wrought Iron Décor in Your Gardens

The #1 reason for using Wrought Iron Décor items in your garden is function.

If you enjoy the beauty of climbing roses or climbing vines, these types of plants require proper support. Items such as wrought iron arbors, trellises and oblisks (topiaries) are perfect for supporting these types of flowers.

WIthout sufficent support the plant just becomes a tangled mess that does not look good in your gardens. They will grow into other plants and then you will not be happy about the way your garden functions, or looks.

And make sure to really know what type of plant you are buying. As an example there are several types of roses, some are minature, some are bushes, and other are climbers. Look at the label carefully when shopping for plants.

The photo on the right shows a red climbing rose - the blaze rose, being supported by a pair of wrought trellis' and an arbor. This photo is the side view. This is a good example of function.

This wrought iron structure is actually made up of three pieces. A trellis is placed on an angle on each side of the arbor to give the illusion of an opened gate.

This combination of pieces makes the 2 rose bushes have plenty of support for their rapid growth. The entire structure is about 10 feet wide.

Or course that brings us to reason # 2 on why you should use wrought iron décor in your gardens.

Arbor in winter time

A wrought iron arbor covered in rose vine, adds interest in winter.
A wrought iron arbor covered in rose vine, adds interest in winter. | Source

Beautify Your Gardens with Wrought Iron Décor Items

Reason # 2 Beautify your Gardens - by addiing wrought iron décor items to your gardens.

With the addition of wrought iron introduced in your gardens thru various décor pieces such as planters, and wall décor, you are adding rustic beauty that only looks better with age.

A garden bench placed in the garden is a relaxing invitation for you or guests as they enjoy the view of the garden.

The photo on the right shows the entire arbor and trellis stucture when the leaves are gone during winter. It does not look so great in the photo, but this wrougth iron structure is georgeous when covered in ice or snow during winter.

By adding wrought iron items to your garden, you will also have interest in your gardens during the winter months when the flowers are dormant, but the stuctures are still there and look beautiful when covered in snow.

You can also use them to hang holiday decoration on such as wreaths, lights and bows.

Wrought iron will rust to a brown color - unless you paint it, and why would you paint it anyway? OK, some people don't like the rust look, so yes you can paint it if you choose to, but the rust just adds charm and character. Which brings us to reason # 3.

Wrought Iron Décor Is Virtually Maintenance Free

I have plenty of maintenance to do around my home and painting garden décor is not on the list as long as it is made of real wrought iron. Tubular metal will rust into if it is not weatherproofed, so know the difference in what you are investing in for your garden. Get real wrought iron.

The beauty if it is once the flowers grow over the stucture, you won't even see most of the wrought iron anyway, just the beautiful flowers that call it home.

Wood has to be treated, painted, polyed, or sealed to preserve it. Wrought iron will last for a very long time if left alone to weather.

You can spray it will sealer if you are concerned about it rusting thru, but that would not be under normal use. If it is near water all the time such as near an ocean, then protect it.

And any structure in your garden built out of wood is also much more bulky in size. Wrought iron is thin, and takes up less space in the garden. Which brings us to reason number # 4.

Create Better Privacy in Your Landscape

If you need better privacy you can quicky get it by adding wrought iron décor such as one of more wall trellises for a quick screen.

There are lots of fast growning climbing vines such as morning glory and hyacinth bean vine that will quickly grow up the wall provided by the trellis.

The arbor and trellis' at the front of my walk helps to give me more privacy when I want to set outside on the front yard.

When adding a trellis for privacy make sure to support the trellis properly to make sure it does not fall over from the weight of the growing flowers. Attach it to the house, or under the deck, or wherever you plant to use it.

Or build a special decorative wood frame for several wrought iron trellis to become the focal point and create a living wall for better privacy. Get creative, and make something beautiful with wrought iron décor in your gardens and landscape.

Add tall oblisks or topiaries to planters for added height in the garden. These can also provide extra privacy when several are used in a group. Not to mention how gorgeous they become with flowers are in bloom all over them!

Share your ideas and comments below. Follow me on Hubpages for updates on the entire DIY series I am writing.


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    • RentedMule profile image

      RentedMule 6 years ago from Lexington Kentucky

      Thanks for your comment Boutiqueshops, You can t get to much wrought iron in your garden, there is always a use for it! And yes, I do enjoy the way mine looks in the garden. I have been collecting it for about 7 years so I have a big collection.

    • boutiqueshops profile image

      Sylvia 6 years ago from Corpus Christi, Texas

      Lovely! I have several pieces and I'm always looking for more. I bet yours is gorgeous!