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DIY Projects: Coffee Bar

Updated on August 15, 2013
DIY Project: Coffee Bar
DIY Project: Coffee Bar

If you have a small kitchen, then kitchen counter space is a valuable commodity! By the time you throw on some canisters, a microwave, maybe a kitchen aid, and leave some space to do dishes and prepare all those delicious things you are going to make, you may not be too excited about the coffee maker having its home on the counter. Well, there's a simple solution: you can create your own coffee bar outside of your kitchen!

It's pretty simple and requires a few pieces you may just already have. Here's what you do.

Surface Space for the Coffee Maker

Obviously, to have a coffee bar you must have your coffee maker. You can use a small table or nightstand. If you have that random piece of furniture that has never had a real purpose, now is the time to put it to use! My husband and I had a little table that we were not sure how we could use it that turned out perfect for this. We also enjoy that it has a small shelf underneath it to be able to display pictures or serving dishes. If you're crafty, you can build your own little table.

A Way to Display Mugs and Cups

Next, you will need a way to display your mugs and cups. You can use a simple board and paint it the color you like. Attach it to the wall using some L-shaped brackets to give it plenty of support and screw in small hooks underneath to be able to hang mugs.

It's important to make sure the board you pick is sturdy enough to hold your mugs (what a tragedy if it falls and shatters your favorite mugs!) as well as thick enough for the hooks. You will also want to be sure that there is still enough room to operate your coffee maker. You will probably want to avoid hanging mugs directly over the machine. If you do not want to hang the mugs on the board, you could also turn the hooks horizontal and hang them on the wall.

My husband and I love getting to display some of our favorite mugs. Two of them are some that we painted ourselves on a date night while we were engaged. We painted our own, then traded mugs at the end to paint a secret message to the other one at the bottom of the mug. It is a great date night idea, plus you get to display your very own handiwork in the coffee bar.

A Way to Top it Off

Now, you need something to store your coffee beans and tea bags in! Of course, it must be cute. I found this unique bread box and mounted it for the top piece. You could also do some wire baskets, use mason jars, or build your own. Aside from this project saving space on your kitchen counter, it also acts as great storage for your actual coffee, tea, napkins, etc.

If you want to store more mugs or other items on top of the board, then be sure to leave the appropriate amount of space above the board when mounting this top piece. I had purchased this black and red tea set in India several years ago. I was never sure how to display it, even though it's adorable, decorative, and a great conversation starter. I was so excited when I realized I could incorporate it into our coffee bar.

A coffee bar is a great way to save counter space, save shelving space, save pantry space, decorate your home, and display your favorite mugs and sets. It can be an easy project with the right supplies, which you may even have around your home already, saving you from having to go and buy them. It also helps if you have a skilled craftsman for a husband... I have to say that my husband did most of the handiwork for this project. Of course, I could have done it if I wanted, but he loves this kind of work and does a great job. :) We make a great team!

If you are hosting, it's also a great way to already have a drink area set up. You can cut down traffic in and out of your kitchen (which may already be a little tight) and make your drinks easily accessible to your guests.


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