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How To Make A Patio Chair Using Wooden Pallets

Updated on October 8, 2013

Eliminate All Thoughts That Tell You That You Cannot Do This

We will begin with the assumption that if this writer can do this project then just about anyone can do it. It really is that simple.

Consider the fact that if you can obtain two wooden pallets for free then the only cost of this project will be the cost of eight screws. When you are done you will have a lovely patio chair that you could easily sell for between $25-$50. If, however, you do not sell it but instead set it on your patio, you will be treated to some comfortable relaxation for years to come, and you could very easily become the envy of your neighborhood. All for the cost of eight screws!

I don’t know about all of you, but the cost of living has me always looking for ideas that can save me money. Add to that the fact that I always feel good after completing a DIY project. This really is the perfect project for someone looking to adopt a Living Simple lifestyle.

Are you ready?

Great addition to your patio
Great addition to your patio | Source
Pallets are easy to find
Pallets are easy to find | Source

Items You Will Need

Most of you will have these items already; if not, there is a great chance that you have friends who can loan them to you. You will need:

· 2 wooden pallets

· Flat pry bar

· Nail puller

· Tape measure

· Miter saw

· Stainless steel screws

· Screw gun

Where do you find wooden pallets? How about everywhere? Go to practically any business that receives shipments and you will find pallets in the back of their business. Make sure you ask them nicely if you can have a couple of the pallets. We don’t want you being arrested for stealing. That would ruin the whole project now wouldn’t it?

The miter saw is not necessary but it sure makes it easier. If you want you can use an old-fashioned hand saw. The same can be said about the screw gun; you don’t need it but man oh man, it sure makes things so much less-complicated.

One last word about the pallets: pallets come in varying sizes. It is best to use the larger pallets, most of which measure 40”x48” for this project, but you can make smaller chairs out of smaller pallets using the same instructions.

All you will need for these projects

Easy Instructional Video

Furniture waiting to be built
Furniture waiting to be built | Source

How to Make the Chair

You have seven easy steps to follow.

1. Take one pallet and lay it down on a work surface with the top facing up. Using the pry bar, pry up the first two boards from one end of the pallet. Do this carefully as it is easy to crack or break the wood. This step calls for some patience as you slowly pry up the boards.

2. Pull any nails out of the boards that you just pried up. If you don’t have a nail puller, you can do this the old-fashioned way by pounding the nails out using a hammer. Remove any stray nails from the pallet after you have removed the boards. When you are done, set those two boards aside for later use.

3. Moving down the pallet, skip one board and then pry off the fourth board using the same technique. After you have removed that board you can set this pallet aside. This will be the seat assembly of your chair.

4. Take two boards that you pried off of the seat assembly and cut them to a 12” length. These will be the front legs of your chair.

5. Take your seat assembly pallet and lift up the end opposite where you removed the boards. Place one front leg on each side of the raised end and screw four screws into the leg and attach it to the pallet. You should now have two front legs attached to your seat assembly.

6. Place the second pallet on your work surface with the top facing up. Remove half the boards from one end using the pry bar, and pull the nails as you did in Step 2. This pallet is your seat back assembly. The ends with the removed boards function as the back legs of your chair.

7. Insert the seat back assembly pallet end with the back legs down through the fourth board opening in the seat assembly pallet. Lower it down until the back legs rest on the work surface. Fasten the seat back to the seat by screwing four screws through the back legs into the seat assembly pallet.

Congratulations! You now have a lovely patio chair that will be the envy of your neighbors and friends, and it took you what, an hour to make? Two hours?

Do you think you could make one of these chairs?

See results

Additional Steps

Now you can sand it down. If you like the wood finish, then varnish it and/or put an outdoor sealant on it. If you want to add some color to your patio, then get funky and paint it to match your personality.

Oh, but we are just getting started. Stay tuned for the next project, which is a wooden pallet patio table. There are so many great projects that you can complete using wooden pallets, and the beauty of them all is that they are so inexpensive to make.

Stay tuned for the next great project. Until then, enjoy those chairs and for goodness sake, don’t tell your neighbors how easy they are to make. Maybe you can sell a few to them and make some extra cash.

2013 William D. Holland (aka billybuc)


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