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DIY Spider Pest Control

Updated on September 9, 2017
WesClark767 profile image

I have been a licensed structural pest control technician for the last 5 years. Let me share with you what I have learned of pest control.


Hobo spider
Hobo spider | Source

What You Will Need:

Liquid Insecticide

Insecticide dust

Vacuum Cleaner

Insect Glue Traps

Spiders, What's Not Too Love?

Eight legs, multiple eyes, fangs, is the stuff of childhood nightmares, and like to hide in the dark corners of your home. What's not to love about spiders?

Although in truth spiders are not bad guys. They are in fact natures pest controllers and help keep populations of more harmful insects in check in and around your home. They do not actively seek to harm people and will only bite in defense.

But saying all that dosen't make them anymore welcome in your home.

Common house spider with egg sac and spiderlings
Common house spider with egg sac and spiderlings | Source

How Did The Spiders Get Inside?

Spiders can wander into your home in pursuit of prey. They can be brought in on items from outside such as plants or furniture.

Often spiders will build webs by sources of exterior lighting such as porch lights that attract insect prey. Why would this be a problem? When spiders breed they often create a silken egg sac that is either attached to the web or in a corner or crevice. When the eggs hatch and the spiderlings emerge, they will extrude a line of silk that catches a breeze and the very small, very light spiderlings will float away. Because they are small and light, breezes can blow them through open doors or unscreened windows and into your home. There they will spin their webs behind and under furniture, books shelves, inside cupboards or in the corners of rooms.

Controlling Spiders From Entering Your Home.

To help physically control spiders from entering your home, install mesh window screens on all windows and door sweeps on bottoms of all exterior doors.

Change exterior porch lights from regular white light bulbs to less insect attractive yellow bulb lights. These yellow bulbs give off none of the spectrum of light attractive to insects, and will in turn attract less spiders that would feed on those insects.

Door sweep installed at bottom of exterior door
Door sweep installed at bottom of exterior door | Source
Porch light with yellow light bulb
Porch light with yellow light bulb | Source

What Would It Cost To Hire A Professional Pest Control Company?

The cost of hiring a professional pest control company will depend on what your pest problem is. In Canada as of 2017, most companies offer a couple of options:

One time interior treatment - $175.00 to $275.00 with a 30 day warranty.

Two times seasonal exterior treatment (1 in spring and 1 in fall) - $190.00 - $275.00 warranty from May to September.


Read the product label fully. The label is a legal document and must be read and understood in order to use the product safely and effectively.

Misusing a product not labeled for your target pest, or not intended for pest control at all, may be harmful to you, the environment and in some cases can make the pest problem worse.

Five Steps To Controlling Spiders Indoors and Outdoors.

  1. INSPECT: Indoors look for spiders, webs or egg sacs behind and under furniture and in corners high and low. Inspect crawlspaces or basements. Outside look for spiders, webs and egg sacs around windows and doorways, along foundation of house and under roof overhangs.
  2. PREVENTION: Make sure window screens are in good condition, or install screening if windows are not equipped. On all exterior doors look for gaps, if there are gaps install door sweeps these are barriers used to close off small gaps at the bottoms of doors. Replace porch lights with yellow bulbs that emit a light less attractive to insects that spiders prey on.
  3. SANITATION: Inside your home reduce the amount of clutter where spiders can hide. Use a vacuum with crevice attachment to remove spiders, webs and egg sacs.
  4. CONTROL: When a spider problem is found, either a chemical or mechanical control will be needed to gain control. Inside use a vacuum and insect monitors to gain control. Place insect monitors under and behind furniture, in cabinets, along walls and on either side of exterior doors. Treat crawlspaces or basements either chemically with a dust such as drione, or mechanically with a vacuum along foundation sill plate areas (where basement wall meets the floor above). On the exterior use a liquid pesticide around doors, windows, under roof overhangs and foundation areas where spiders and their webs are present. After a few days use a broom to knock down their webs.
  5. MONITOR: Periodically inspect for activity on the interior and exterior. Watch for reappearance of spiders or their webs. On the interior use glue boards to capture and monitor for continued activity.

Vacuum Bag Disposal

When finished removing spiders, egg sacs and webs. Remove bag or dump canister into a plastic bag, tie shut and dispose of. If canister style vacuum wash and clean canister, allow to dry before replacing.


Spider web in corner
Spider web in corner | Source
Look under exterior windows
Look under exterior windows | Source
Spider egg sac on exterior
Spider egg sac on exterior | Source
Using a vacuum to remove spiders
Using a vacuum to remove spiders | Source
Basement sill plate
Basement sill plate | Source
Insect monitors work
Insect monitors work | Source

Insect Monitor Tips

Insect monitors are coated on one side with a very sticky glue. To avoid getting stuck, fold the monitor along the pre-marked lines BEFORE removing the protective backing.

Then remove the protective backing and finish the box by connecting the locking tabs together.

Place the trap against a wall, cupboard back, or other straight edged surface you wish to monitor for activity.

© 2017 Wes Clark


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