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DIY String Lights For Home & Party Decoration in Limited Budgets

Updated on August 22, 2014

String Lights Are Not Just For Holidays

String lights, especially those LED string lights are eco-friendly and they will consume very less electricity compared with other types of lights for the same working hours. The magic of string lights also lies in that they can bring warmth, splendid glow, or even festival vibe into our homes when the days become darker. The string lights can be used more than accenting a tree. For those who are good at making crafts, string lights are also very great choice as DIY various items. More important, the DIY string lights will not cost too much, yet can make a big difference in decoration.

DIY LED String Lights

DIY String Lights for Decoration

String lights look perfectly splendid and beautiful and if they are used with a bit of imagination and creation. They can be whimsical yet cost very less dollars. Here I would love to share some creative decorating ideas of DIY string lights for home decoration or other occasions.

Folded Paper String Lights

String lights are great for they offer us many possibly creative decoration. Try to DIY a string of glowing paper lights that drape over the headboard below.

Just get some LED string lights that are safe. Prepare 20 lights and 20 square pieces of paper. The string lights are available at very affordable price especially if you get them online. Take some more time to fold the paper and poke the light into the folded paper. No glue needed. That sounds easy.

Popular Occasions for Using String Lights

String lights are most often associated with Christmas or holidays. For Christmas Day, string lights are often used to trim the Christmas tree. Besides, the string lights can still be used for outdoor wedding, in the bedrooms, at some corners of our home for decoration, in the ceiling or in our backyards. As long as the string lights are used, we will get inviting ambiance. For those who love romantic atmosphere, the string lights are also great choice. With a bit imagination and efforts, we can use string lights to make our space enchanting.

One of the popular decorative ways of string lights is seen in party. We may have a lot of party, but for spending less yet creating a inviting and nice party, we choose to dress up the party space with last-minute of scattering the string lights. It’s usually very easy and fast way to create instant cozy and dreamy atmosphere.


Wine Bottle with Lights

Just get some clean or even exquisite wine bottle and design a drill bit for the glass. Get some string lights. Just a few very simple steps, and fill the bottles with the string lights. A beautiful centerpiece comes into being. You can put it on the dinner table for romantic dinner time or place it at your family party. It is really nice.


Starry String Lights Sparkle in Kids’ Room

The lighting decor for kids is sometimes easy, but if we add something special, it could bring kids to dreamy world and have very nice night all the year round. Nothing welcomes a wonderful night dream like sleeping under the canopy of sparkling starry string lights when the other lights are off. It’s really fantastic to create such twinkling lights in the kids’ room via those safe and energy efficient LED string lights.


Fire Pit That Will Never Be on Fire

Life needs surprise to become more varied. We need to make our home cozier via something magical. Try to DIY this fire pit. All we need is lace stripes or curtains, tree branches, aluminum foil, washable glue, string lights and some rocks.

Try to cover the tree branches together with aluminum foil with the help of glue. Wrap the lace fabric around the tree branch. Place the rocks into a circle and scatter some string lights in the middle area. Then just arrange the lace branches just as below. Plug the lights and then you will see the fire pit. Cool.


Use String Lights to Highlight Map

You must have been to many places in your own country or all over the world. How to make your past trip impressive or get something for memory in a special way? It’s out if you still try the traditional way of using thumbtacks to show the places you have been to. Try some string lights to transfer a normal map into a unique piece of art. That light just illuminates your splendid trip.


Accent Your Bike with String Lights

This must be one of the most creative accessory for your bicycle. DIY such accessory for the bike and it is also one of the most economical ways. Just get a few string lights and fix them along the bike. It’s safe. When you ride the bike at night out, it will just be a moving and flowing scenery. Have you ever thought about such creative idea?


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    • caseymel profile image

      caseymel 3 years ago from Indiana

      Very pretty! I will have to try to make one!